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Linn klimax solo vs klimax chakra twin
This is a very timely issue for me. I bought a Chakra Twin last November and really loved it. The only concern was that I have a pretty big room and I really wanted more kick at the low end. So I found a relatively good deal on a pair of used Solo... 
What am I looking for with strobe disc?
Related questions: Clearaudio has a strobe disk with a drag groove which allows one to measure the speed with the drag created by the stylus. Is the drag created by the stylus significant? Will it vary from record to record (or even track to track... 
In need of assistance: integrated amp selection
You can get a good deal on a used Plinius 8200. It's just recentyl discontinued, but a great amp. 
Good Universal Player with Balanced Outs
Lexikon has a new universal player called the RT-10, supposed to list for $3500. Also, the Linn Unidisk 1.1 is hugely expensive, but Linn just came out with the Unidisk 2.1 which is somewhat less (I think in the 5k-7k range). I don't know the diff... 
Eliminating humming & buzzing
I live across the street from the phone company and three blocks from a major AM radio station. I live in an apartment house with all sorts of crazy wiring in it. When I got into vinyl, I had serious hum and RF noise. I tried everything: RF stoppe... 
Amp/Int. Amp to smooth the highs...
Smooth is what Plinius is all about. 
What good FM stations-jazz/alternative in Detroit
WEMU in Ypsi (89.1) considers itself a jazz & blues station. They play a lot of good stuff. Also WCBN (88.3) has a good morning jazz show and also plays jazz at other times in the day. Unfortunately WCBN has a very small broadcast area - you w... 
For SF Cremona: JF Concentra 1 or Plinius 8150?
I did the 8150 to 8200 MkII thing also. I agree with Tim. The 8200 is a fabulous integrated and, for the relatively small cost of upgrading, you couldn't do better. 
Where to find new vinyl 
American made TT???
Zspradlin,I'm very sympathetic about the union thing. I don't know whether Linn is unionized, but, based on what I know about labor laws in the UK, I wouldn't be surprised if they are (for that matter, Clearaudio in Germany might also be unionized... 
XRCD: to be or not to be...
XRCD is as good as 16/44 gets. I'm a vinyl nut, and I find myself still enjoying an XRCD now and then. 
What is the best way to convert LP's to CD's?
I use the Digital Audio Labs Card Deluxe with Sound Forge software. Great results. 
The Color Of Vinyl
I don't think the color matters although I have never done an a/b.But you should check out the Classic Records Jimi Hendrix Blues which comes on blue vinyl. It is awesome. Great music, great mastering, great packaging and great sounding vinyl. 
Plinius class A vs. class AB sound difference?
Reziech: I have an SA102 and it barely gets warm in A/B mode. 
preamp vs. no-preamp
If a preamp actually amplifies, where on the volume control is zero gain? That would have to be about 5 oclock on the dial, which we never use. So why would we want to amplify a signal just to attenuate it?I understand that a preamp doesn't actual...