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Vinyl Record Cafe's
This is a great idea for raising awareness of vinyl and audiophilia. I hope hifi gear makers/sellers and record store owners reach out to local cafes and business to promote this. Instead of the ubiquitous "Free Wifi" sign, wouldn't it be cool to ... 
Need recommendations.. Solo acoustic guitar CDs
Friday Night in SFO - DiMeola, Paco Delucia etc.New Chatauqua - MethenyAerial Boundaries - Micheal Hedges 
Daevid Allen passes away
Davie Allan and the Arrows? 
U-Discover Mag Lists The 50 Greatest Jazz Albums
Very good list, I own about 37 (more added daily!).My nitpick: I think of an album as an artist's original work of art. Some of those releases were merely compilations of 78 rpm material. Ie, compilations by a record company, not an individual wor... 
Would vinyl even be invented today?
If someone woke today in a non vinyl world and dreamed it up today, they would certainly say "yeah, but there's no decent new music to record on it." Then rollover and go back to sleep. 
Beginner Turntable
New: Rega, Pro-ject or U-turn Orbit $200-500Used: Technics, Denon, Pioneer or Yamaha $50-400May have to skip the mini Denon system, probably has no phono preamp- get a used 70's vintage receiver with built-in phono amp. Better sound and power. $50... 
Trip to NYC, What to do
Probably the three most famous jazz clubs in the world - Bluenote, Village Vanguard and Birdland. How can you pick just one....? 
"When Records Ruled The World"...BBC Documentary
Great film. Rega featured prominently throughout. Sad news is that the golden era of vinyl was so short-maybe 11 years. Every audiophile and record collector should tune in. 
Your worst gaffes
Selling a pair of Heil AMTs at a garage sale for $25.Getting rid of 72 sunburst stratocaster. Buying a pair of white van speakers for $150 and spending 2 years trying to upgrade them. The AMTs helped. 
Best FM antenna around $50
I've built a couple of these DIY designs. Cost nothing if you have few feet of wire laying around. Hides behind the cabinets or mounts right on a wall. 
Thrift Store Vinyl Finds
Recently found thrifty gems: Brubeck red hot and cool monoBill Evans waltz for Debby. Zappa live at the RoxyLots of Leon RussellSteve cropperAll in need of serious Spinclean treatment...Now the bad news. My local goodwill recently cranked up vinyl... 
Does anyone know what song this is?
Bank robbery by Tim Drummond, from the hotspot sound track. (soundhound iPhone app found it in 5 seconds...) 
"Kisses on the Bottom" by Paul McCartney
Neil Young's latest- one of my recent favorites, Paul's not at all. Both wonderful guys - can't always hit a home run. Aging rockers doing an album of standards has become a cliche. Neil's is all originals by the way. 
Technics and Threshold?
Interesting. Thanks. Let's see of I have any hum. 
Technics and Threshold?
Orph: I have a confession. Ess's came with no diaphragm, just a big hole. I had no idea what brand they were - I assumed it was a manufacturers defect - which I promptly corrected with plywood.Years later I noticed my freind had the exact pair wit...