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What speakers are shown in the movie The Counselor?
Meridian DSP7200 actually 
Class D
Admin, Is there a way for me to ignore a member? I am so tired of trying to read a thread without georgehifi crapping all over it. Thank you 
Truly Balanced Cheaper Preamplifiers?
Thank you Atmasphere for being the voice of reason on this forum! 
Removing the door on Revel Studio/Salon 2s
I have done it. I pressed up at the bottom pivot just enough to flex the door a little and slid it out. I believe the pin on the bottom is just a hair shorter than the top to aid in the removal. Let us know if this worked for you. 
What happened to JW Audio?
^ Absolutely not! JW Audio made and sold cables here for years.  
Is this how a Subwoofer Crossover is supposed to work?
kenjit, I sincerely hope to meet you one day. 
Is this how a Subwoofer Crossover is supposed to work?
Pinwa, I will put this to you straight. You have a fundamental misunderstanding of how your system works and how to incorporate a subwoofer into it. You can take a million measurements but you will not achieve your goal with the way you are trying... 
Is this how a Subwoofer Crossover is supposed to work?
Seeing as how the Willsenton R8 has no pre-amp output and the Starke SW12 has no speaker level input you are going straight from your dac to the subs, correct? Are you controlling the volume level with the dac and just using the R8 as an amp only?... 
Tuning my system towards a darker tone
You may want to try adjusting the rake angle of the speakers before actually moving them around if you feel you have them dialed in the way you like other than being bright. In other words, tipping them back a little will probably do it but you ma... 
Floorstanding speakers - $2-3K
Another worthy contender is the SVS Ultra Towers https://www.svsound.com/products/ultra-tower 
$1000 bookshelf speakers with "recessed", "laid back" or "flat" mid-range?
I suspect that you will be able to achieve your goal by simply changing the angle of rake that your speakers are currently at. All you have to do is raise the front of the speaker some and the sound will mellow out. Good luck 
Directionality Explained
I'm on day 5 of having covid-19 and feel awful, this thread was just the laugh I needed! 
tom1040, I have been considering selling my SC-7S2 and getting the PM-10 so I will be looking forward to reading your impressions. 
Atohm GT1 SE vs KEF LS50
Plus, Devialet has a custom eq for the GT1 that you can download from their website that is supposed to make them sound even better.  
Cerious Technologies NEW Graphene Cables
rgrost59 posts03-27-2017 6:22pmHi everyone...Bob from Cerious. I wanted to let everyone know that starting this Friday (March 31) we will be shutting down for 11 days to expand and train newbies who will be helping produce raw conductors and event...