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Help me choose a speaker match for my Line Magnetic 805ia tube amp under $10K
@freesole Did you level match the output when trying the tube amp ?. I would not use any tube that puts out less than 100watts for your speakers. I have the same amp, would only consider it to power the top section of the speaker.  
Revel Ultima 2's and Amplification
JC1 monos may not something you would want if you are not spending lot of time listening critically. Having said that not sure at what levels you are watching movies. For movies most of the heavy lifting for mid range is done by center channel, if... 
Funny question, 170lb speaker and foam base, how to remove?.
This is the speaker: funny!! 
Funny question, 170lb speaker and foam base, how to remove?.
@douglas_schroeder I am so glad my significant other liked the sound so much that they won't be returned!!.Going to wrestle with them safely to get rid if the base, I am going to put the top and mid foam on and lower the speaker flat and remove th... 
Funny question, 170lb speaker and foam base, how to remove?.
I was expecting white glove but I realized when they arrived I am on my own. I am still unable to understand it. But decided to deal with it for the love of sound. 
AV cabinet for large center channel.
Looking to make the speaker dissapear.  
Funny question, 170lb speaker and foam base, how to remove?.
The speakers are packaged in way that there is like a door. I had to slide them out of the packaging. No way turn them upside down and even if I did the ceiling is not high enough.The dealer is quite a ways away like few hundred miles.I am plannin... 
Funny question, 170lb speaker and foam base, how to remove?.
Yikes!, have to get three bodies to try to lift it few inches so I can remove the base?. Well I do not understand the "dealer" is going to do this by himself. Is he going to come with extra bodies just for this?. I wanted to try placement and setu... 
Just getting started on a budget and need bookshelf speakers/receiver now
Legacy focus HD used?. I have seen up for sale. good luck. 
AV cabinet for large center channel.
@rextless, had no idea cabinet makers build AV furniture, I will check and find out thanks. 
Legacy Aeris speaker placement , two wall choice dilemma
@nathansaudio thanks. The fireplace wall side restriction is that the speakers cannot be less than 13ft apart and the listening position is 11 to 12 for from each speaker. This is due to TV placement etc on this side.So not an equilateral triangle... 
New comer looking for help to buy!!
I had a 5.1 channel setup when I had the sofa back against the wall. And the setup was great for movies and gaming. I was able to hide flat speaker cables under the carpet. Well yeah I was gaming back then!!I remeber paying like $3.5k for paradigm... 
MidFi multi channel solution needed for HT.
@lightfighter2018 for analog XLR just get Benchmark XLR it should good. No need to spend extra on Audioquest. 
New to audiophile and need HELP.
@bacchus1234 Do not take the red pill!. Buy speakers like ATC SCM 19v2 used, Legacy Studio HD (if you are set on price)/Calibre may be better may be $2k to 3k used. Buy a decent amplifier like Parasound used for 1k. The ATC for sure will beat the ... 
The first review on the Linear tube Audio MicroZOTL preamplifier has gone up
Any reason why it has XLR inputs but no XLR outputs?.