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Mono Reissues and the Conical Stylus
Someone help me on these questions. I have a new ELAC PP2 phono preamp. It has a Mono switch. Is it a waste to buy a Hana Mono considering that Mono switch feature? The answer to this question will help me decide on a two arm capable TT or an arm ... 
Jazz for aficionados
If you live in SF Bay area you should try the SF Jazz Center for a performance. Great artists and a first rate acoustic venue. It may be the best in the Jazz Hall in the country. Always had a great time and good dinning in the center and other goo... 
Audiophile stores in Denver metro area
Thanks Kmccarty, Theo, & Grinnell for the suggestions. I appreciate you took the time to help me on this. I will visit them all in the next two weeks.cheers,Gerry 
Audiophile stores in Denver metro area
Hey guy, why assume something about me that not even close to being true. Why insult me for issues you have with others? You owe me an apology. My feedback is positive. You've posted over 1500 times, yet you have no "Feedback." I'm proud of my act... 
$2000 Budget for a speaker + integrated amplifier
Used Nola Boxer gets another vote. Pair with them with the Exposure 3010S that listed and he'll have one sweet system. 
Your best ''outstanding'' products in last 5 yrs?
1. Lamm ML 2.1 mono amps sound so musically correct and are so much more powerful than their stated 18W. They are driving my W/P 8's with ease.2a. VAC Avatar Super in an second system or primary system. Wow, what a beautiful looking and sounding i... 
John Barnes...RIP
When I'm in Denver I always call John and Carl at Audio Unlimited to say I'm in town and I'll drop by to say hi and catch up on things - especially cars and racing. This has gone on for years. Today Carl called me back to let me that John had died... 
A Copernican View of the Turntable System
Pretty funny! 
Wilson Watt Puppy, which version?
Hard to audition past generations. I owned Wilson's since 3/2s. 5s, are both worthwhile. I would stick with the 7s as the better choice in your price range. 
Best shipper for 200lb amp?
BAX has worked well for me on heavy shipments, it's only business door to business door, not residential. 
How can anyone afford this ?
It's the music. After the SF Ballet performance, we loved listening to jazz being on KCSM FM in our car. My wife says," isn't great we have so much music in our lives." Wow, she is in touch with music. She was right. Music is the car radio was get... 
Troubles with Sound-Smith return communications?
I am very sorry for the wording I used in starting this thread. I didn't realize how negative it sounded. The many positive responses speak volumes to Sound-smith credit as a service and product provided. Peter and I talked today and I'm very happ... 
Troubles with Sound-Smith return communications?
Thanks for all the good suggestions. Going to visit them is to far and to expensive. It would solve the problem, but Sunnyvale, CA to Peekskill, NY is quite a trip right now.A little hope appear from my cell phone records. I seems that they tired ... 
Graham Phantom B-44 shipping question
Has2be, guess I was just nervous about doing it. Your comments helped gives me more confidence that its fairly straight forward. 
Additional armwand for Graham Phantom?
Once you get the settings right you got all the information you need. I keep a journal record for VTF and VTA settings for the three separate wand/cartridge combinations I have. Repeating those differenting settings is very easy on the Phantom. Az...