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Shipping damage becoming a real issue
Jafreeman, I had many of the same thoughts. Ultimately something will have to change. I love this hobby but its just impossible to feel good about ordering items of this expense without assurance they'll arrive safely. 
Shipping damage
The dealer. 
Shipping damage becoming a real issue
Thanks Jafant. 
Shipping damage becoming a real issue
Jond, the last three items I've ordered new from dealers have been mishandled. This has led to cosmetic damage that a dealer ultimately tried to worm his way out of (from a Japanese product whose company is favored by Art Dudley, writer for Stereo... 
Magnum Dynalab Tuner
Goofyfoot, did you ever make the change from your MD-90 up to a 90T or 105T? I am on the cusp of a very similar decision. 
Yamamoto distribution
I think that means noone has the line. Any intrepid dealers out there that want a quality line of excellent, well respected products that offer real value would do well to look into picking them up. 
cd players coming to us market
Thanks very much for the information on the Audiolab Donjr; it is very helpful to know of the positive experience as well. 
ProAc Response D1
Now I own a pair of these speakers. They take a very long time to break-in, probably over 60-80 hours, which is very surprising. They are begining to sound good and I'll post again soon. 
ProAc Response D1
Buconero117, can you please tell us how the D1s and 1SCs differ? I would be very interested in your impressions. The people I have spoken to believe the new D1s are more accomplished all around with better bass and wider dynamics. Are you hearing ... 
Anyone tried Auditorium 23 speaker cables ?
Nolitan, I use a Yamamoto 08-S amplifier and Omega loudspeakers, 96db per watt or so. They work well with this and don't sound stuffy, congested or heavy laden- traits I was trying to avoid. 
Anyone tried Auditorium 23 speaker cables ?
I use them in my tube system and they sound terrific. I don't have experience with them paired with solid-state amps so cannot comment. Perhaps others may be able to help us with this question. 
Who does not like the Lyra Dorian?
Chasmal, how many hours did it take? I am vey curious to know your impressions. 
Leema Acoustics Antila CDP
I have been wondering the same thing. They look very well built and sleek. Maybe a possible future import for the U.S.? 
What is the story with Rega Appolo?
The Apollo has been great for me. I did not care for the previous Planet and Jupiter editions and passed both up when I worked at a Rega dealer and could get a bit off the price. I bought the Apollo last year, happily paying full price and have be... 
Who does not like the Lyra Dorian?
That was my experience too, though I did not listen to one with a huge number of hours on it, also on an LP12 as I recall. Cartridges in my experience only get a bit more lucid and warm as they break-in so I would encourage you to post after a tim...