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Wadia 121 not working
Good question I just bought it used. I am just trying to make sure that I have done everything possible before I return it. 
Wadia 121 not working
I have replaced battery in the remote, pushed all of the buttons a number of times . I assume the mute button is mute on and off. The volume led keeps flashing regardless of what I do. 
Do you have parts for an 845 Caztech amp?
Thank you Brf. 
How to repair or replace a power transformer?
Thank you Bigkidz for the leads on inexpensive power transformers. Yes to Atmapshpere's question on disconnecting the rectifier. We isolated each power supply and tested and finally eliminated everything in the circuit and tested the transformer a... 
Do you have parts for an 845 Caztech amp?
Do you have any suggestions on who to take it for rewinding? 
How to repair or replace a power transformer?
Thank you for your reply. I will hold onto the electra-print web site information. Yes, your probably correct that there is another issue. We thought of that but it's good to hear others confirm. We are running a VARIAC in line to test each power ... 
Need some help with an amp.
I would start all over again, unplug everything and have your amp and speaker connected. Short the inputs to you amp so that there will be no external signal introduced to you amp. Turn amp on and listen for the buzz, if the buzz is still there I ... 
Internet Radio Questions.....
I have two Myine's, with over 10,000 stations. Buy internet radio and never look back. Unfortunately Myine may be in trouble and no longer make the two I have, but when I search Amazon it looks like the Grace for $100 will do everything that my re... 
Anybody know how to put together an Oracle Delphi
If you go to the internet you will find all kinds of literature on the Oracle. Free manuals are available and rebuilding kits not from e-bay. The springs have different color codes for the proper placement. Every few months someone advertises on A... 
Atma-Sphere MA 1's Amps and Magnepan 1.7's
I posted yesterday about my Merlins, I have Magnapans also and I have used them with my Ma'1 and with my Bedini 200. The Ma'1 I use with the Speltz transformers, with the MA'1 I think it depends on the music and the level at which you listen to. M... 
SS amp for Merlin VSMs?
I have had my Merlin vsm's since the 90's and from my own experience I can say that the best sound has always been with tube amps, especially my Atma-spheres. I took my Merlin's out of storage about a month ago when the weather got cool in Florida... 
I am at the end of my rope, please help
Almarg is right,never put an ohm meter across the cartridge coils. I never did this before but after Almarg mention it I took one of my meters and turned to ohms on the low scale and checked the voltage across the leads with my second voltmeter an... 
about the cat sl1 gain
Ken at Convergent Audio would be happy to send you information on how to lower you output in the line stage buy adding a divider internally. I lower the output in my MK 3 eight years without changing tubes. 
Quick poll How long have you been in this hobby?
1950 built my first amplifier. 
Small Diameter Round Turntable Belt is a great site with reasonable prices.