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Balanced XLR cables
 I compared single ended premium cables against $60 balanced cables. I preferred the balanced cables. The difference was subtle, but noticeable. Pre, power, and cd were all "fully balanced".  
New speaker cables recommendations sought
I'm running 16 strand cables from GR Research. They replaced 12 gauge Analysis Plus cable. I am delighted with them. I would buy them again. Assemble them yourself, or purchase assembled, and terminated.  
Don't get it, why anyone would ask others "what sounds best"?
I always read up on others opinions to glean from their experience. It helps to avoid "buyers remorse". Works for me.  
What song have you played the most?
Blues Force by Fourplay. Fourplay music is very well recorded. 
Which budget digital cable ?
I was running a Blue Jeans Cable Belden 1694A which I think is a pretty good budget cable. I use the dac in my Mac MA5300. I jjust bought an Apogee Wyde Eye (1.5 mtr). The Apogee to my ears is a smooth, airy, detailed cable with much better bass i...