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1 million dollar speaker made by Kharma
Accuphase 85 or 75v...or EMC-1?
Jayme--I had the 75V in for lengthy audition twice, the second time alongside the EMC-1MKIIUP, which has now been superceded by the latest model with a new analog board and additional DAC changes, among 47 upgrades over the MKIIUP. The additional ... 
Speakers that have holographic imaging on vocals..
Does Accuphase T-109V stack up in Top 10 Tuners?
For the past three years, we have owned the earlier T-109 purchased used from the dealer you mention, Audio Unlimited in Denver. The unit had been traded for the then-new T-109v, which, by the way, specs out identically to the older model.My wife ... 
is electro emc1 balanced?
Sub--you oughta hear my new MKII with latest factory spec playing through a Mullardized c-j 14LS. 
Ugliest speaker ever?
The big Wilson, hands down. As for the new Sophia, I second my wife's observation that they look just like "the trash cans around the (community) swimming pool," right down to the painted finish. NIMBY, thanks. 
Preamp Deal of the Century
Got a note back from Mick on the Cortese. It has no remote option with the transformered 24-point volume control. He says all Corteses come with manual gain control. 
Preamp Deal of the Century
I e-mailed Mick yesterday as to delivery time on Syrah. He's running three months in arrears. He's a one-man assembly line and will not forego his philosophy of "doing it right" by hiring people to crank out Supratek amps and preamps any faster. A... 
Tube pre-amp with SS Classe Amp
Currently running an older Classe' DR-10 (125wpc) with a c-j 14LS/Mullards. Excellent combination. However, as always, you have to audition your prospective choice(s) in your system. Some combinations are more synergistic than others. Good luck. 
Jazz Recommendations
Charley Hayden's latest on Verve. "Nocturne" is a collection of Brazilian and other classics rearranged and played by heavyweights in a quartet setting. A couple of originals by Hayden in the same genre add to the compelling sound of this made-wit... 
Ear Candy: Most startling recordings.
Try "Sao Paulo Confessions," by Suba on Six Degrees. Great system workout--Brazilian jazz fusion, funk dance, for lack of a better description. Excellent recording. Also, anything by Yello, the Swiss pair who made their name in the 80s. Their stuf... 
Cable Fetish: Exotic, Warm and Romantic
If you have access to them, listen long and attentively to Luminous Audio Technology (Richmond, VA) Synchestra Signatures ( They're 6'9s continuous cast OFHC. I dropped my NBS for these. Much less money and overall, a most aud... 
CJ 17ls vs CJ 16ls Mk II
In the $5K range, you might consider used Levinson, Wadia, Accuphase, etc., all of which are excellent performers and all of which can be purchased for $5K or less here on AudioGon. There are new one-box players, both Red Book and upsamplers, that... 
recommendations for tube dampers???
Upscale's comment about covers it. OTOH, for a couple of bucks, you can pick up three "O" rings for each tube at your local Home Depot. Get 'em slightly undersized and slip 'em on. Vary the number and position and listen. I've found them effective... 
CJ Premier 15 & 17LS Tube Suggestions
Ditto, Pops. Mullards put the 14 at a level I feel only the 16LS can beat. Our 14LS is running selected, matched pairs and was compared--at length--with the 6922/17LS. It was no contest. With gain at 99, you have to have your ear next to the Avalo...