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Which turntable? Pro-Ject or VPI?
I have a Prime and eventually added their synchronous drive system and finally the outer ring as I was able to. Beautiful combination especially when I use the 2 dimes.  Greg   
Advice regarding separate DAC purchase
Thanks for sharing your knowledge.  Seems there's a consensus among you that this may be closer to a lateral move for the results I desire and would require much more expense than I initially intended to raise my experience with my CD collection. ... 
Do You Buy Speakers Without Hearing Them?
I traveled to next state and bought a pair of W Sabrina speakers from original owner. He did demo for me but they were not set up properly in his home theater room. His price made it possible to scratch the surface of audiophile quality.  Love the... 
Transport Recommendations
+1 on the audiolab 6000CDT. It's been very good. Price is right 👍  
I took Frank Zappa’s advice
There's no way to delay that trouble coming every day   
I took Frank Zappa’s advice
I once worked in a service department of Toyota.  It's true that there are ' pajama people '.   
Is toeing speakers a bad idea?
@immatthewj   I decided I'm gonna quit drinkin.....unless I'm by myself or with someone.    
Is toeing speakers a bad idea?
Sometimes my toe in is directly proportional to the amount of alcohol I've consumed.  
Help us build our playlist for our next show in November!
Space Truckin. happy listening 🎶  
Watermelon test for audiophiles!
Mother nature's finest.  Sweet watermelon 🍉. It's a combo of the weight, the spot, and finally the stem. My wife is from Arkansas and the melons there are fantastic. Mind out of the gutter people 😔. Greg   
"The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down".
@bdp24  I found that I enjoy Robert Plants solo releases as much as the LZ body of work.  Greg   
"The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down".
My favorite from the Band is The Weight. Put the weight right on me. A father's lament.  Greg   
As A Youngster, What Unit Puqued Your Interest In All This?
@jasonbourne71  Your early music likes so similar to mine. Happy listening 🎶. Greg   
Am I broken? Am I stuck? Do I have to return my audiophile card now?
I have a pair of Sabrina sans X . I retired then sold my car 😆 and still bought them pre-owned. Love them. Sure I'd love the DAW or even the Vs. the Sabrina construction is very different from the larger models via separate compartments. If you ha... 
IsoAcoustics Gaia Footers AND Townshend Seismic Podiums
My God man. It's akin to driving on snow tires in summer. You must make a choice. Pray it's the correct one 🕜 time is wasting. Happy listening 🎶.