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Pimping your router
@jerrybj any SmoothLAN impressions yet?  
300b lovers
I want one  
Swiss Digital Fuse Box - "What headroom sounds like"
@bsavage Thanks for sharing. Your SDFB journey was very similar to mine, and I think you are describing very similar qualitative changes as I tried to articulate in the original post, just with a few different words. I hope my post inspired your j... 
Puron Plug-In AC Power Conditioner; Impressions 😁
@wig I’ve had a new Puron with Furutech gold-plated blades for awhile now. Not sure if you’ve already tried it, but I can report that it has a slightly stronger noise floor dropping effect than the original Puron and has little bit of a richer, ... 
Would you choose 1 ou 2 subwoofers for a stereo set?
@deep_333 No need for anything expensive under a sub for isolation. Just use a $25-$30 set of four spring feet with at least half of the springs damped with closed cell foam earplugs. Can do the same under components, optimizing tone with 50-75% o... 
Would you choose 1 ou 2 subwoofers for a stereo set?
My two Rythmik non-ported direct servo subs are lined with GR Research "No Rez" damping+foam material and use Swiss Digital Fuse Box units. Both mods make a big difference in output and sound quality. No Rez has an effect equivalent to both increa... 
Any Experience with Furman-IT Reference 20i?
I use the IT Ref-15i as a dedicated conditioner and SMP surge protector for my 300w amp. The power factor outlet it's plugged into has 55amps available at peak charge, allows for very good dynamics. My amp sounds excellent plugged into it. I use a... 
Bypassing woofer cap -- Value too small?
Okay nice. I already bought Path Audio resistors to replace all of the cheap cement resistors in the network, including those on the woofer board, so I'll see if that alone gives the woofers a little bit more clarity. I'm pretty hesitant to mess w... 
Bypassing woofer cap -- Value too small?
@erik_squires Thanks for the tip about ESR. I was told about that a few months ago, but then I forgot! It sounds like I should leave the woofer caps alone since I can't confirm any ESR values.  
3-Dimensional Soundstage
The last two posts were both very good and packed full of info that I agree with. It seems to me that very few people realize how critical specific tonality (represented by a detailed freq response curve) is to soundstage characteristics. It's abs... 
The best plug in filter ever!
I previously had some really weird effects when I was using a Puron, even after having it in use for a number of days. So I put it on a shelf. About a month ago I tried it again and had really good results, so now I'm using two of them. Less noise... 
Swiss Digital Fuse Box - "What headroom sounds like"
@johnnycopy I have two Rythmik subs, both with SDFBs and the power cables that connects them to the subs are Vogue Audio 11ga UPOCC silver, which I changed out the connectors on. The SDFB’s have the largest impact on power and speed, but I think t... 
Swiss Digital FUSE BOX Question Thread
You could list the more common or generally applicable questions you are getting and your answers to them here.  
Would a real butcher block be going to far?
@atmasphere Well put. Different density layers of material laminated together would be even better.  
Stereophile review of Millercarbon system featuring Tektron speakers
One of the better systems at the show, all things related to hotel room acoustics considered. I doubt anyone that actually visited his room would disagree.