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Hi-Fi Tuning Fuse Holder
Bingo !   
Sony announces three speakers
Not sure how Sony portable bluetooth speakers made Audiogon, but hey, I guess audiophiles go poolside just like everyone else ….  
Need Recommendations for a pair of Speakers around $1,000
I will second the other poster's recommendation for the Wharfedale Linton 3 way standmount speakers. I own this speaker system, a warm , coherent sound and a fit and finish that belies it's cost.  It's a little above your price point, but they loo... 
Looking for suggestions for a network capable DAC/Streamer
Steve, I have the Narantz ND8006 you mentioned. Excellent streamer , I am using a dedicated basic Lenovo Windows 10 laptop as my server, USB connection to the Marantz. The Marantz has a very capable DAC with analogue inputs to my Yamaha AS2100 int... 
RIP - Aretha Franklin
Some posters have apparently been off the grid for awhile..... maybe he was referring to Charley Pride ?  
Speakers for Yamaha AS2100
I have a Yamaha A-S2100 in black, very happy with this integrated amp, great phono preamp is a bonus ! I already had Martin Logan XT-60's , happy with them but the "home theater " profile wasn't doing it for me in the aesthetics department. They a... 
JBL L65 vs Forte III vs Cornwall IV
The original poster mentioned “workshop,” which may be a lot nicer and climate controlled vs a garage. I am betting he spends some quality time out there , hence the need for some 42 yr old JBL soeakers. Sounds like a good idea to me!  
What’s your top 5 Christmas albums ?
Fats Domino’s “Christmas Gumbo”Willie Nelson’s “Pretty Paper” 
Vpi advenger
It’s “VPI,” not “VIP,” “Avenger” and not “Advenger.” I will let others comment on your actual question.  
Lu’s Jukebox
I should have said: " I have even gotten..." 
Lu’s Jukebox
Another Lucinda fan here !  I even have gotten into Charles Lloyd ( jazz) due to Lucinda's work with his ensemble .  There's something about her marriage of her lyrics and some tight , gritty ensemble playing.  
adding a DAC/Streamer or what
raw33, I had the same questions you do about streaming, I also have an extensive CD collection in addition to vinyl. I purchased a Marantz Network CD player (ND8006) 14 months ago without auditioning first (60 day return policy). This ND8006 is li... 
Best debut album
Completely agree with your pick of Steely Dan “Cant Buy a Thrill” ( 1972) .  A faint echo : “ Bad Company “ ( 1974 ?) was pretty solid for a debut album.  Good thread here.  
New Yamaha A-S3200 Integrated Amp ?.
I purchased the A-S2100 Integrated Amp about 8 months ago, a customer return bargain at $2300 US . I have the all black version and it’s construction details are squarely in the same ball park as the review unit above . A very natural sound indeed... 
What are you streaming tonight?
“Ghosteen,” Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, Quboz studio , 192/24 sampling.