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Celestion SL600 Expertise Needed
Thanks everyone for responding. Yes, of course you’re correct, they are the SL600si model. Sorry for the confusion.  
Best Bluetooth speaker
Have not been impressed with the UE Megaboom. Very average sound.  
Best phone/personal listening device under $500
Thanks SoixDoes this mean that I am bypassing the internal DAC in the phone and solely using the USB DAC for the digital conversion? I have a HRT Micorstreamer that I can connect but I thought that there may be an issue with how the data is sent t... 
Best phone/personal listening device under $500
HiI love my current headphones and so I am trying to work with them as my “baseline” equipment and find the source that will work well with them.I’ve read that a LG V30 phone might not be a bad low cost option... 
Preamp suggestion for Quicksilver M120 amps
Why don’t you just stay with the P5 preamp? Or is that a loaner.By the way my brother is having the same issue re lack of weight with his QS mid monos. So he is following your journey closely here.The G 
Received your Magnepan 30.7’s Yet
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Best used integrated for under $5000
3 best 10k speakers now imho
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$20k speakers that really impressed you
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Kinki Studio EX-M1 200wpc Integrated Amplifier
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Looking for vintage Quad ESL's - or my wife thinks a "shrink" becase she says I'm crazy!
Elac B5 and B6??? Just another flash in the pan speaker?? or worth it
I had the Pioneer cheapies and was very impressed with them. My ex-wife needed some speakers and she wound up with these. I listened  to the Elac Uni-Fi bookshelves at the SHOW in Newport Beach this year and was stunned by the sound. So much so th... 
Elac Uni-Fi UB5
I listened to these speakers Sunday at the Show in Newport Beach. To say I was impressed is a vast understatement. Combined with Audio Alchemy electronics I thought the sound could be summarized in one word: "Live". The bass was tremendous for a b... 
Bang for the buck DAC
Does a USB DAC work? If so, I have just the ticket. 
Recommendation for a 12 year old
So I ended up picking up a used Pioneer Pl-115D that looks to be in fine shape for its age. Would any of you folks have a recommendation of what cartridge to put on the deck?Thanks in advance.