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What is your speaker ownership history since 1995?
The  Magnepan MG-2 was  my first high-end speaker purchased circa 1978. Followed by:Magnepan MG-3AMagnepan MG-3.3Magnepan MG-3.5Magnepan MG-20.1 ( My current speaker, purchased around 2012)I love the open non-boxy sound of the maggies. With the ap... 
If bi-amping is so great, why do some high end speakers not support it?
My first foray into bi-amping around 1987 was a total disaster: I tried bi-amping my Magnepan MG 3A using an ARC D115 mkII on the Treble/Midrange and a very powerful (400W) solid state amp on the bass that I had on loan from a dealer. The Magnepan... 
Retubing an ARC VT100 mkll
Oregonpapa:The REF3 and PH8 both use a 6550C for power supply regulation.Are you suggesting that based on these data points, Sinaker01 should use the 6550C instead of the KT120 as power tubes? Perhaps you haven’t noticed, but ARC has replaced the ... 
Retubing an ARC VT100 mkll
Spinaker01:Go with the KT120s you wont regret it. They will make a substantial improvement in your VT100MKII.There are no issues re loose sockets, etc, as Hifigeek suggested. I may not be a service rep, but I am very cautious and made sure that I ... 
Retubing an ARC VT100 mkll
FYI: I spoke also to ARC. No problems were anticipated. The new bulletin about compatibility from ARC was issued in the Feb/March 2012 period. 
Retubing an ARC VT100 mkll
Hifigeek1My dealer Lyric told me the opposite. The VT100 MKII was on the list of approved amps for the KT120 upgrade. I was called specifically by the rep and given this info because I had enquired previously about using the KT120s.Did you get the... 
Retubing an ARC VT100 mkll
I retubed my VT100 MKII with the KT120s without any issues. The improvement in sound and perfromance was across the board in all sonic categories. In fact the amp seems to run cooler with these tubes. 
Oracle MK VI upgrade
Thanks Ella4ever,Ella is also one of my all time fovourite Jazz singers. 
Oracle MK VI upgrade
Ella4ever:Hi. I am considering the upgrade also. We both have the MKV with granite base. Did you drill and tap the holes for the MVSS yourself, and if yes, was it a difficult task?I am interested mostly in the MVSS portion of the upgrade.Thanks 
Sunfire subs
I am using a stereo pair of Sunfire Signatures subs with my Magnepan 20.1s with great success. I previously used them with 3.5 for many years. Improperly set up Sunfire subs will demonstrate all of the negatives mentioned above. For best results:1... 
Magnepan 3.7's versus 20.1's?
15' is fine povided you place the tweeters inside. My 3.5s performed well in my listening room with about the same width. Currently, I have the 20.1 in the same room without any problems. 
ARC VT100 with KT-120 tubes ?
Lyric Hi Fi in Manhattan indicted recently that Audio Research had issued a bulleting listing the ARC products that are compatible with the Tung Sol KT120 tubes. I was happy to learn that the VT100 MKII was included. I ordered a matched octet and ... 
At What Point is the Needle Damaging Records?
Jmoog08 Have you tried demagnetizing your cartridge before assuming stylus damage? 
best amp for Magnepan 3,7
Jallen:The 3.7s do not have an external x-over box. Thus b-wiring or biamping can only be accomplished after major internal modification of the speaker, which would void the warranty. 
Maggie repair
Rkd56:Check the MUG group for planar sppeakers on for instructons.I have repaired my 3.5s on three occasions. Its not particularly difficult. If you need help you can email me by clicking on "gmorris" below.I decided to repair the ...