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A person I would like to thank/mention in the history of the high end,
Well, let's not forget Mr. James C Strickland of ACOUSTAT and Mr. Rudy t Bozak. THE CONCERT GRAND !  
Best and Worst customer service?
Never never never ever!!!! Call VTL for a repair, you will be told to take your amp apart to show them that it was not modified. Then the woman told me she was going to China for a week and to send her an email to remind her of the conversation we... 
Horn speakers with Imaging?
WELL! My K horns image so well that I hear DEAD PEOPLE!!!! like MILES DAVIS, GEORGE DUKE, MICHEAL JACKSON, RAY CHARLES AND MUDDY WATERS!! and if the GREEN is good I will be dancing with my K HORNS while BOB MARLEY is JAMMING!!!! YA MON  
What speakers have you mistakenly let go and then later repurchased?
OHM A'S and F'S, But in the process of rebuilding a pair of A'S and f's that was given to me for freeeee!!!  
Has anyone noticed a slow down in sales?
NO NO NO !!!! YOU GUYS ARE ALL WRONG!!!! someone told me that the IRS is watching purchases. and anything over $600.00 they will be sending you a form, so that they can get their cut. so, no 5k purchases for that power cable!!!  
I Was Stunned
Wait until you see MY MILK CRATE audio rack!!  
Made in USA
I stopped buying Chinese, when I was over my friend's home one day and was looking at his system and noticed he didn't have a UL listing on the back of his power amp, well the following week I stopped by his home only to find out the side of his h... 
Sansui 9090DB
Buy an 8080 as a Scavenger parts unit! Sansui shipped thousands to the USA.  
OHM A'S are they rare?
Oh wow, thank you guy's for helping me understand what decision I should make and what way I should go.thank you  
How much gear do you own?
OH Boy! I don't feel bad now geez, I have three lockers with three sets of Klipsch and 4 sets of Acoustat speakers plus 10 power amps and other toys and I'am paying $350 per month per locker. but i will be getting rid of this stuff, because they k... 
klipsh scala speakers
Cerwin Vega's IS THE LOUD speaker for teens.!!!!¬† I still have mine.405 WATT'S dual protection=Fuse and Breaker, I5" inch Monster woofers, dual midranges and horn tweeter, very high sensitivity, CLS215 is the one and you don't have to pay 10k for ... 
Unreal prices
For auld lang syne, ..high-end companies you really liked that are gone....
It's funny I see this stuff from time to time out here in Northern California at flea markets or garage sales and I SNAP it UP FASTalso ACOUSTAT¬† didn't make RIBBONS, their panel design was made with Dupont Mylar film ( Electrostatic Design ) I se... 
SAE or Luxman
SAE did make a CD player, at the latter stage of the companies existence, but of course built by someone else. the model was the computer direct-line compact disc player d102 with Hypersonic Digital audio with a remote.I have one they are very rare!! 
Bluetooth Pairing
I had the same problem with my Sony ear buds and i have a LGV20 phone with a DAC built in and could not get it to pair up to this model of phone either, so I gave them to my girlfriend and she has a lessor model and they work fine, i have another ...