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Looking for someone to build me grill covers for KEF LS50 metas
Thanks for the suggestions! 
Baby Proof Floorstanding Speakers
I think that the outriggers sound like a great idea! I checked with the Piega distributor and they can no longer get the factory outriggers for these long discontinued speakers.I am not handy, would you know the profile of person/company I could c... 
Control volume at speaker cable level for A/B??
Elevick - Yeah, I actually have a Niles box. Unfortunately the steps are like 3DB apart so it is hard to match the volumes with it 
Control volume at speaker cable level for A/B??
Thanks Peter! I have a 200W amp (Class D). Should these be compatible with it?Thanks,Todd 
Control volume at speaker cable level for A/B??
I'm OK with the fact that a switchbox isn't 100% transparent. ANyone know of one with a fine-grained volume control?Or an easy to hookup smooth volume control that I can just run the louder speakers into and attenuate? 
Best Speakers for 10' x 12' room?
Sennheiser 650 
gallo nucleus 3.1 vs. vandersteen sig 3a
For what it's worth, I have A/B'd the 3.1 vs the 3.5, and while the 3.5 are more transparent and clear sounding, the 3.1 have a significant amount more weight in the bass. 
PSB Synchrony One or Bowers Wilkins 804D?
I haven't heard the 804D, but owned the 805D for a little while, and compared to a couple other speakers in their price range they are veiled through the midrange 
why no recent Merlin speaker reviews?
Had the MXe for a while... Sounds great through the mids and the highs, but as Maril555 mentions above, they are light in the bass. Setup in just the right room, dialed in with a sub they can sound pretty damn good... but you will always miss the ... 
Gallo 3.1s
Wc65mustang - LOL Troll.I recently did some A-B testing beetween the 3.1 and a $5700 speaker that I bought along with a $6000 speaker that I bought, and the Gallo 3.1 was easily the best sounding of the three. 
Good cartridge for the VPI Classic 1 turntable.
The Phonomena 2 sounds quite a bit better than the GCPH in my experience. GCPH was a bit bright & thin for me. 
D2v vs Classe ssp800, which would you prefer?
nutreez - so are you saying you didn't like the MX150? 
Turntable Upgrade Advice Needed Rega P9 or Oracle
Go for the P9. You know you like the Rega house sound already, and the P9 is a VERY nice table. It is also much easier to setup and maintain than the Oracle, which is a pretty tweaky table. 
Who is Linn of New Hampshire
Has anyone actually heard this speakers? 
What are your general thoughts of B&W speakers
Really enjoying some 805D speakers currently. It's a toss up between them and my Gallo 3.5 - can't decide which I like better! The 805D with a Rel Strata is currently hooked up and sounding outstanding. Very textured, high resolution sound that is...