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Anthem 225 vs Krell S300I
Go with the Anthem or a Musical Fidelity integrated. The Krell's signal to noise performance is quite poor, and you will hear an 8 track-like hiss (which was a deal breaker for me). 
Outdoor speakers
I recently purchased the Atrium 6 model from Polk for about 350.00. They look and sound great, with surprising low frequency response. 
used b&w 703's vs. demo 804S's HELP
Go with the 703's. I heard them side by side and thought the 804's were a touch better. Definitely not 2500.00 better. 
Whats a good Amplifier for Energy Veritas 2.4i?
The 2.4i's are quite revealing and can get unruly in the upper mids unless paired with quality amplification. At your price point, I would recommend a used Musical Fidelity (A5 or A5.5) or Anthem (Int 225) integrated. I am not familiar with the Em... 
New Speakers for $2000
Used Energy Veritas 2.3i or 2.4i fit your discription. You may have enough left for a more powerful and highly regarded integrated from Anthem, Yamaha or even Musical Fidelity. 
How do we remember 1970s amplifiers?
I remember my dad replacing his Fisher receiver (complete with built-in tape deck) and Fisher speakers with a new McIntosh 4100 receiver, DCM Time Window speakers, and a Nakamichi cassette deck. The difference in power and sound was incredible and... 
Suggestions? Planar like Dynamic speaker under 2K
Chadnliz: Though my suggestion was not a joke, I am happy it provided a laugh for you! The dispersion characteristics of the Veritas dome midrange provide for excellent imaging and a broader soundstage than most comparable dynamic speakers I've he... 
Suggestions? Planar like Dynamic speaker under 2K
Energy Veritas 2.3i or 2.4i. 
In the under $2500 category, diminishing returns?
I believe a used Musical Fidelity A5 (attainable for 1300.00 or so) is one of the best buys in higher-end integrateds. It would be far more dynamic and revealing of micro detail than the NAD you reference. If MF didn't change their product lines l... 
$2000 Budget for a speaker + integrated amplifier
He'd be hard-pressed to beat Musical Fidelity A3.5 integrated and Totem The One speakers. Both used, both currently available for $2,045.00 before any bargaining. 
Musical Fidelity A5, Simaudio I-5 or Krell s300i
I auditioned both at home and enjoyed the A5 much more than the S300i. It was far quieter and more resolving without being "bright" (unless the recording is that way). I have not heard the A308 or the Simaudio. 
Mid-Fi Integrated Amps?
Used Musical Fidelity A5 or A5.5 Integrated -- a notch above the Anthem and two above the NAD. 
Preamp with tone control.
Take a look at Anthem TLP 1. You get a tuner also. 
Best $3,000 speaker/amp combo?
Anthem 225 integrated and Energy Veritas 2.3i (used) would provide loads of detail and transparency for 3k. 
Best Towers Under $1500 for beginner system
Monitor Audio RX8 Silver is your perfect choice- and you can afford it new (if you stretch just a little). Big bass, pretty neutral, and easy to drive.