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Does anyone care to ask an amplifier designer a technical question? My door is open.
Roger— thank you for sharing your expertise in this thread.I would like to know your opinion of ideal amplifier type (and your rationale) for the following loudspeakers:  Vandersteen 5A/5A Carbon.  As you know, this product is relatively inefficie... 
One Only Please- Your Favorite Track from which album and Artist please
“Revelator”Time (The Revelator)Gillian Welch 
Power Conditioner for Amp
PS Audio P10 power regenerator works for me. 
Vandersteen 5a carbon vs 5a
Price aside, the 5A ought to be readily upgradeable to the Carbon 5A.  Or what am I missing? 
What is the most memorable concert that you had attended so far?
Gotta be Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble at the Orpheum Theater, Boston, 1985. 
Upcoming Technics SP-10R (100th Anniversary Model)
@tzh21y Much appreciate your report, thank you. I can’t wait to check out this Technics product, which promises to shake things up considerably in the analog world. Especially am curious about the stock plinth, since it appears that the aftermarke... 
Upcoming Technics SP-10R (100th Anniversary Model)
@tzh21y Can you give any more details? Thanks! 
Why Miles Davis late alboms are not well recorded?
I wonder if you'd agree that Miles's "In A Silent Way" (1969) could be an exception to your observation. The Mosaic Records "In A Silent Way" vinyl box (5-LP) is what I've got in mind.  It's definitely well-recorded, sounds great, and is way bette... 
Fun Analog Upgrade Challenge
What's your long-term goal(s) for the system? Also: Will you have additional audio funds in future or probably not? 
Superb sounding Guarneri String Quartet bargain
Great tip. Thanks for the heads up folkfreak. 
best bi-wire cables for ref75se/vandersteen 2ci
Going to follow this topic.  For now, I am using Audioquest Gibraltar internal bi-wire cables for my Vandersteen 5A rig.  Haven't tried anything else yet, but these seem to work very well. AQ provides the smaller spade connectors necessary for the... 
Digital Audio for Dummies
I've had good success with the Sony HAP-Z1ES. It combines DSD-capable streamer/DAC in one box, and the iPad/iPhone (or Android) app is great. Rip all of your CDs to the Sony via your computer and home network (Sony instructions explain how to do t... 
What Do You Think Of This?
Guessing that your customer didn’t have much in the way of positive Audiogon feedback, right? I’d recommend doing the refund so long as the item is returned in the same condition as when you sent it. Presumably, it’ll be in great shape and you can... 
Acony records
Yes, these are excellent LPs. Looking forward to hearing the full Gillian/David catalog on vinyl, one of these days. I will guess that there will be live vinyl releases too. Eventually. They are in no hurry, but the results so far on Acony (their ... 
Best Music Streaming Hardware Options
Hard to say what's "best" these days with streaming, since things are evolving pretty fast.  I've taken what I believe to be moderate approach, tech-wise, with the understanding that a few years from now I'll be making another change to digital.  ...