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How old are you?
Oregonpapa, I havent posted in ages .But to get away from watching the news I logged in.82 and still listening that's wonderful. I'm 79 and recently made very costly upgrades.Your post gives me hopeGod Bless. 
Need some cartridge advise please.
Hi jrun, I spent a lot of time in Bossier City at Louisiana Downs.Slow horses hindered my passion for higher priced audio componentsI found a gem in the Ortofon Cadenza Black. A little above your budget brand new but a gem never the less. 
Need some cartridge advise please.
Hi jrunWhere in East Texas ???I have fond memories of the area but not for music reproduction 
How many LP's
djf1I recall visiting New Orleans years back,prior to Katrina.There was a record shop on Decauter .It was a 2 story building They were closed the morning arrived but peeking in through the window I saw stacks and stacks of Lp's.Are they still ther... 
Bass distortion-Playing LP's only,,,,please help
Scroll up and re-read lewm's post on 7-17.Also check to be sure that your head shell is secure 
$10K-15K short list?
I  seldom reply to subjective posts simply because what I think should be on someones short list doesn't matter.Plus how can any one answer without knowing your room all associated equipment and music genre .However, it just so happens that today ... 
I will travell to New York, would be glad to meet members
Ulf ,sorry stray from your thread but I must say Whart you have made me hungry. Glad to read that your move to Texas is complete and I wish you and the family all the best.Ulf if you find yourself in Midtown try tre colore on west 47th st.Parking ... 
Which songs or musical standards have haunted you?
Sorry to hear of your misfortune but "misery loves company"What ever she didn't break she took with her, even the Lps she didn't like.I guess she was pissed. 
Which songs or musical standards have haunted you?
bdp24Our Day Will Come by Ruby & The Romantics.My ex wife always said that was our song.She broke all my Lps and took my speakers when she left 
Which songs or musical standards have haunted you?
Slaw I thank you !!  
Which songs or musical standards have haunted you?
SlawOld Friends.That haunting song brought my best friend of 62 years and I back to the old neighborhood to sit on a park bench,reminisce and say How Terribly Strange To Be 70. 
Which songs or musical standards have haunted you?
1-Would I Be Crying by the Flamingos2-Still  by the Commodores3- Smoke Gets In Your Eyes by Lillian Leach and the MellowsAnd about 100 others. 
List of albums that will still be popular 50 years from now...
Oregonpapa;Frank I played the music you listed on the previous page and must say Thank You.Wonderful selections and memories from a time that is now long gone.All the best for the Holiday and New Year .EnjoyEd 
Recommend your best sounding LP's
Bill,Wonderful posts.When it comes to Music you are a world of Information.Taking time out from helping my wife decorate for the holidays I found this thread but now, must get back to the task at hand.bdp24,Very good as well. 
Found Music Blade Amplifiers
Jazdoc,Congratulations,very impressive system.A few years back I had some conversation with Experience Music in Tenn. re: purchasing a pre amp . We couldn't close the deal. I purchased a Tron Syren and am  very happy.Also ,outstanding Lp collectio...