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Which cd players have digital INPUT?
Cary Audio 303T 
Great Monitors – Joseph Audio Pulsar ?
DISCLAIMER--- Joseph Audio DealerWith that said, I am completely amazed with the Pulsars. Midrange and highs are incredible, with fairly good amount of bass for a monitor. I highly suggest taking a listen if you have the chance. 
Recommended Speaker for Triode Amp
I'll second Sonist. Great speakers and works very well with lower powered amps. Concerto 3 is in your price range.DISCLAIMER--- I am a dealer for Sonist. 
Small-ish Speakers That Come Alive At Low Volume
I'll second the Joseph Audio rm7xl 
Need Help Deciding
Do you have a amp/preamp/receiver yet? If so, what will you be powering the speakers with? 
What good cd players are there for under $1000
Rega Apollo 
Castle speakers IAG
If anyone would like any detailed info on Castle, please email me and I would be happy to discuss via email. We were in talks with IAG to be the Castle distributor for the US and have sold several pairs of Castles on here in the past 2 weeks (sold... 
With $20,000 in your hand, what speaker would you
Joseph Audio Pearls ---Did not see these mentioned above. They would certainly be on my short list. 
Which cables for McIntosh - B&W system?
Disclaimer: I'm a dealer so you may want to take what I have to say with a grain of salt---With that being said, I have been extremely impressed with the offerings from Chord. I just picked up the line and have been trying their Rumor4 cables with... 
Monitor speaker that will stop the Quest?
Joseph Audio - Pulsar 
Manley Stingray II...a quick review....
Glad to hear. Have a Stingray on the way myself. 
Speaker stands height for Harbeth Compact 7es3
Sound Anchor. Bob makes some incredible stands.