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HiFi Rose RS250
I received my hifi rose 150B from Music Direct yesterday. I opened factory sealed box and installed a 2tb ssd as per instructions.  Turned on switch in back of unit and touched power icon.  After 5 seconds Rose logo appears in motion and in 5 more... 
Lumin P1 or X1 or others?
look at hifi rose 150b  
HiFi Rose RS250
I bought a 150 model from music direct.  It sells for 4995.00.  If you order on phone instead of online they give a 10% discount and free shipping.  I watched several utube videos and could not find a negative review.  My unit arrives tomorrow.  I... 
Burn in period
Will it make a difference if the asparagus is raw or cooked?  Will it smell the same  when you take a leak if you eat the pointy end of the asparagus first?  
Please help my ignorant a$$, I just want a good streamer...I think.
Look at HIFI Rose and their cd ripper.  
Suggestions for ripping services.
Rip them in Jriver, then get Roon.  Pay kid a dime a disk.  My 12 year old grandson ripped 800 or so for me. Jriver is a fast ripper, HD is SSD.  Roon is the better organizer and interface.  
Do I need a DAC?
I had an Oppo 105D which had a very highly rated onboard dac.  I was loaned a schiit iggy dac, tried it and the soundstage and imaging improved greatly.  I bought it.  
Burn in period
Titleist golf balls are best because they pay most pros a lot of bread to claim so.  Gravity is the main factor affecting golf balls.  What force of nature is making electric signals sound different because they are not following the arrows on a c... 
Tube Integrated vs Tube Seperates
I have had integrated dual mono amps that never sounded as good as my primaluna pre and amp.  I am getting another evo400 to run both in mono.  You will find separates to your liking.  
BiAmp Focal Kanta 2 speakers with 1 set of posts.
I already have 1 primaluna 400 amp and  preamp.   
BiAmp Focal Kanta 2 speakers with 1 set of posts.
Thanks for this helpful advice and link.  
BiAmp Focal Kanta 2 speakers with 1 set of posts.
Yes they are switchable to run in mono.  
Focal Kanta 2
thanks for your help 
I have a Primaluna Integrated for over 16 months and have not had any problem.  It is idiot proof with auto bias and bad tube indicator. I am trading it in this week for a Primaluna Preamp and Amp. 
Schiit Loki EQ
Thanks again.  I am going to order one and try it.  I will let you know how it works.