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Advice on stand alone DAC
Nutella: I frankly hadn't heard of the Museatex, but a little reading on threads make it sound like a very interesting possibility. The only problem would appear to be finding someone willing to part with one! 
Advice on stand alone DAC
Bojack: Thanks for the suggestions. I once owned a BC DAC I, and found it too 'dry' for my taste. I now use an Audio Aero Capitole II cdp in my main system up North, which also includes a mix of ss and tubes (Herron & Joule), which is why I wo... 
Advice on stand alone DAC
Avguygeorge: Sorry, but I failed to mention I'll be using a Yamaha RX-V2500 receiver. So my thinking is to output from the Pioneer's digital to a DAC's digital in, then stereo analog out from the DAC to the stereo analog input of the Yamaha (which... 
Tube Intergrated,Which One?Must be very Liquid
You might consider a Joule Vamp, which Jud no longer produces. It's a hybrid, and you probably know that Merlin and Joule generally partner at audiophile shows.Oh, and if you find one for sale, buy it quickly before I grab it! 
Laid back, mellow, sax/jazz
"The Gentle Side of John Coltrane", or his "Ballads" 
5 most recognizable voices in American music?
Think your original "5" are great Garfish, although might swap Sinatra for Cash or Babs, awful close.Oh, as for the generation thing, beat you to the big 60 (and wish I hadn't won!)Grandpa Doug 
The best hybrid amp?
Speaking of Blue Circle, at the "no limit" level you have the AG8000 Class AB monoblocks at $14,500 list. 
How do you find BEST classical recordings???
Pls1, thanks for the terrific reply, incredibly detailed and helpful advice.Doug 
I need to get suggestions on a high gain phono pre
Have to ask why you got rid of the Herron? Agree with G_m_c, it's a great unit. 
Help me with preamp choice.
Sugarbrie's recommendation is a fine one. In addition, there are 2 Joule LA100 MkIIIs listed in the classifieds for $1800, one with and one without the phono pre. This is a superb unit, and upgradeable to Jed's latest gem, the LA150. They have a s... 
Moving coil cartridge advice needed
Twl, does your Teres TT sound as good as it looks - WOW! Rwd, I live in Southampton, NY and my friend is in Easthampton. Where do you hang you hat? 
Moving coil cartridge advice needed
Twl, you nailed an issue that I should have mentioned and forgot. I haven't seen my friends VPI/JMW setup yet, and have no experience with either. Thanks for picking up my oversight and your lucid explanation of its implications.Interestingly, I f... 
Lyra Helikon SL-Worth upgrade?
Famaraca - I also have the Helikon SL and think it's terrific, better than my Koetsu Urushi, and gives my Koetsu Onyx a run for the money. You have a high quality tt (SME IV/V arm?), so the just be sure your phono pre has enough gain to support th... 
Small monitors for a dear aunt
The Spendor S3/5s are the modern evolution of the LS 3/5s, and are better IMHO. Used $50-600, and match well with the Blue Circle CS integrated. Have these in my study with an Audio Aero Prima CD which makes an excellant small system. 
How often do you upgrade your other passions?
Hey Twl, the h*** with all this audio stuff, how about a pic of the Jag!!!