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Music to Impress my Kid's Friends?
Tpreaves, I have no idea where that comment came from but I take offense to that notion. My kids friends have shown a genuine interest in analog and high quality sound. One of my daughters friend, John, had never seen a record player in action and... 
Well Tempered Labs
My dealer, Elliot Midwood of Acoustic Image, just did some minor repairs and set up my well tempered to perfection. Elliot is a great guy who probably would give you some sound advice (no pun intended). Good luck. 
My experience at Acoustic Image
I bought my first system from Elliot years ago when he had a storefront and he's always been honest, sincere and insightful in his recommendations. He's a great guy. In fact I'm doing an in home demo on some equipment tomorrow from him. Elliot als... 
Well tempered question?
Tapepath. I'd appreciate a copy of the manual. Here's my email. Email me and I'll send you my address. Thanks again. 
Well tempered question?
I recently resurrected my Well Tempered Classic that had been in storage for 6 years. I had questions about if I had the right amount of damping material and began an extensive search. I did find some references to the viscosity on the web but eve... 
Quick Dedicated Line Question?
Hmmm, One yes and one no on the shared raceway conduit for two dedicated lines. And yes, there will be two separate grounds. I guess I should run each line in separate conduit at this point. Better safe than sorry and it really isn't that much $$. 
Quick Dedicated Line Question?
Thanks very much. Just saved me a few bucks. 
Turntable and phono cable synergy?
Thanks Taksil for the suggestion. What I was really asking about was not the tonearm cable but the phono interconnect. There's so much discussion about cables that work better with one system or the other but it doesn't seem to make sense on some ... 
Cartridge sitting idle for 6 year?
Thanks for everyone's thoughts. Now I can focus on new cables! 
Cartridge sitting idle for 6 year?
Eleet and Stanwal thanks for your thoughts. To answer your questions I purchased the cartridge in 2004 so I used it a couple of years before it sat idle for 6 years. And I do trust my dealer, he's very well known and knowledgeable and his remark s... 
Who R U?
I can't believe I've been a member of Audiogon for over two years and have yet to post my bio. It guess it's never too late. I'm married with 9-year-old boy/girl twins. My hobby outside of audio is coaching my son and daughter's basketball teams. ... 
Where does your user name come from?
I own several companies and one of my businesses is a summmer day camp. All the staff uses nicknames during the summer months. Being the owner, one of my staff gave me my nickname. For those that know me, feel welcome to call me Poo Bah, the Grand... 
Albertporter only needs 50
Albert,In response to your last post I would feel very comfortable with you setting the cut off date. You will best be able to judge when interest in slowing and it's time to place the order. I know for me, if you said one week or one month, it's ... 
Do "Tube Rings" really work?
Mdomnick, here's a website that has an interesting tube damper. I've never tried them, but they look interesting. Give us an update on what you ultimately find. 
Are Meadowlark Kestrels shielded?
My dealer told me they were not shielded. Check with the manufacuter to be safe.