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Terrible commercials!!!!! :( 
Are manufacturers having discussions removed from Audiogon if they turn negative?
Then stop talking crap! I joined this to talk about gear I’m interested in. Not hear all you worthless comments and unsubstantiated accusations. But apparently this site is for those who think they know everything about anything. When you get rid ... 
Are manufacturers having discussions removed from Audiogon if they turn negative?
How do you know what this “customer” is telling the truth or making stuff up to make the “manufacturer” look bad because he himself is another speaker rep? I think it’s BS from the start! Instead of being a whining baby on this site, perhaps talk ... 
Any Tekton users in UK???
Tektons are very very good!!! You won’t be dissipointed!!  
Power conditioner and high end power cord
Lol!!! You guys are funny!! 😂😂😂  
Full range tower speakers with bass under $10k
You won’t find a better speaker then Tekton Encores (9k) for under 30K!!   
Why Power Cables Affect Sound
I thought this was an audiophile site?!? It reads more like a “audio on the cheap“ site...   
Why Power Cables Affect Sound
😂😂😂 this forum is funny! Most of you are full of it but still funny!! Lots of self proclaimed experts.. what a riot!! Keep em coming.. this is great entertainment!!  
Audiogon member suggestions for a speaker that sounds good at low volume!!!
Tekton would be a good way to 
Thoughts on VTA......
My Triangle Art OSIRIS MK2 tonearm is fully adjustable including VTA.  
Thoughts on VTA......
I set my arm level and lowered  it until I got the perfect tight bass I was looking for.. took me 2 hours my first time! Lol  
could somebody help me out on the benefits of expensive phono and speaker cables?
10% is not reasonable. I’m my system, that gives me 17k to play with. Not happening. 18-20% was my sweet spot. And yes, cables make a massive difference. The problem is, people ask others for advice and are ignorant to your system so their advice ... 
Turntable got absolutely crushed by CD
Junk cartridge!! My TT blows away my CD player!!! Not even close..  
Stopping Vibration from Walmart trucks
Move!!! 😊