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HELP!!!!.....RCA to XLR Termination
Rockvirgo, question. So you would use pins 1 and 3 when replacing the rca with a xlr connector? I have a Fostex DAT on the way that only has balanced inputs and outpus, but the rest of my equipment is regular rca single ended so I need to convert ... 
Coaxial Output
A regular rca cable will work but it's not recommended. Yes, coaxial digital has rca's, but the spec. calls for a 75 ohm cable. The cheapest route is to use a decent VIDEO cable because it is the correct 75 ohm impedence. You can also use a high e... 
Feelings on Napster?
Nobody ever bitches about people trading tapes. This is the same as tape trading or loaning your cd's to your buddies, but done over the internet. I have bought more cd's this year than any other year because of Napster. I hear something I like an... 
Balanced to RCA Adapters
Well after wasting countless hours looking for these damn adaptors, I found them at Sweetwater, musician store.You can go online at Click on accessories ont he left side of the page, then click "cables and adaptors", then adaptors.... 
Balanced to RCA Adapters
Does anyone have the web addresses for any of the above mentioned sights? I am looking for female rca - female xlr adaptors for one of my new DAT decks. For the analog it only has balanced inputs and outputs. I need adaptors so I can use it with m... 
Different & inconsistent sound quality
Maybe that explains why my system always sounds so good. I wear earplugs 8 hours a day at work. 
Universal Remote
I love my Marantz RC-2000. I don't like touchscreens because you can't feel where the button is without looking at the display. You can find them for sale quite often here on Audiogon. 
Sunfire with Martin Logans
I don't own any of the above equipment, but the best sounding system I have ever heard was a pair of ReQuests driven with a Sunfire stereo(not signature)amp and Grand Cinema pre. I am still in awe of the experience. 
Best and Worst customer service?
Worst: Sony! I have a Sony DTC 670 DAT deck that has transport problems. I took it to my local Sony authorized service center and after looking at it they told me they weren't authorized to work on DAT's so send it to Sony. I sent it to Sony to be... 
Bagpipe Music
Have you listened to Korn? Jonathon Davis likes to play the 'pipes. OK, just kidding. 
Ear Candy: Most startling recordings.
I would have to say that 2 of my favorites are Madonna- The Immaculate Collection and Roger Waters- Amused to Death. Both were recorded with the Q sound process and the imaging on these discs is nothing short of phenomenal. I don't remember the re... 
Feelings on Napster?
Carl_eber- Right On!!! 
Feelings on Napster?
Do you not watch the news? Napster was allowed to stay up and running on appeal as of late Friday afternoon. It wiil probably be in service until at least September when it goes to court again. 
I know it's been awhile since this thread was posted, but hey, who cares. My pick is TOOL. Metallica has sucked for the past 10 years. No one else even comes close to sounding like them. I also like Maynards side project- A Perfect Circle. 
best pink floyd dark side cd
I would have to say that the MoFi version is the best that I have heard to date. Hopefully one of these days it will be put out on dvd audio! I bought my MoFi copy used for $10, but the best deal I ever got on one is $20 for The Wall with the book...