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Banana to spade adapters
Are the Cardas ones of the "locking" banana plug variety? 
List of top phono preamps best
Coda 03p 
Tube rolling identification?
I have gathered a LOT of information on exactly the tubes you mention, since I need them for my setup. I'd forget the 6900, simply because it is darn near impossible to find a true NOS, authentic, and thoroughly tested tube. Even if you do find it... 
Yes, but why would you choose DAT versus CDR for a consumer application? I have had a lot of experience with DAT, and let's just say that I am THRILLED to have moved everything over to CDR... 
balanced vs unbalanced
What is it about the performance of your current setup that leaves you unsatisfied?In other words, just because we CAN do something doesn't necessarily mean that we should.If you have not identified a specific improvement criteria, then blindly ma... 
Another need a rack post...Cable Management
Get a Zoethecus rack with z.Slabs. They are beautiful! Then upgrade your cables to something big, fat and stiff! Your wife will not mind seeing them... ;-) 
Is Smoking Really That Bad For Audio Equipment?
Unsound and Tobias:"TM bong?"ToqueMaster. 'nuff said... ;-) 
I once owned a Decware amplifier, and it was a total piece of junk. I would strongly advise that you avoid Decware products. You can do MUCH better elsewhere...For example, if low-cost SET is what you want, you can order factory-built units from B... 
Is Smoking Really That Bad For Audio Equipment?
As long as it's high-quality hashish that is being smoked, through a thoroughly cleaned TM bong, then I say go for it. 
What is the quietest preamp you've used?
Boulder L5ae preamplifier, balanced in/out to Boulder 102ae amplifier. 
DIY Cardas Golden Cross
You can buy the real deal used and save a bundle. Why bother trying to copy a patented design? 
TDK SA-X or Maxell XLII-S which is best?
Although I must agree with Shasta that cassette is long gone, back in the day I used TDK MA-X. The cost for type four tape was always worth it over type two.Keep in mind that cassette speed is 1 7/8 ips, which leaves a LOT to be desired.At this po... 
Is SACD a dead format?
Does 200 gram 45 rpm vinyl appeal to the current mass market? No?! Well then, by this same measure, it must be a dead format as well.Music is like wine, buy what YOU like, regardless of what the reviewers or market trends have to say. 
Is SACD a dead format?
Ya, SACD sucks! Everyone send me your crappy SACD discs. I'd be willing to take them off your hands for ten cents on the dollar; you pay shipping costs... ;-) 
Best cassette deck for transferring to cdr?
I'd definately go with a Nak. If price is not an issue, get a Dragon. If price is an issue, get a BX-300.Keep in mind that either will probably need to be serviced, cleaned, demagnetized, aligned, etc. before being up to the task.