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Poor Fritz
That is a very good suggestion Audioman 58, no need to check your self-awareness. If Fritz offered an optional special edition for $500. then it would only enhance them from a value standpoint. I think many potential customers who are spending $35... 
Sophia EL34-ST Tubes
cellcbern44 , I would appreciate a report on the Psvane EL-34PH and how they compare to the Sophia EL34's. Thanks. 
JM Reynaud Bliss Jubilee's vs JM Reynaud Bliss Silver's
I own the Bliss Silver's and they are excellent. It is a little strange that the Bliss Jubilee retails for less than the Bliss Silver, but there could be a good reason for this like improved efficiency etc. 
JM Reynaud Bliss Jubilee's vs JM Reynaud Bliss Silver's
Thank you for the reply jackd. Bob is a very intelligent and honest guy, but I wanted opinions from audiophile/music lovers. The Bliss Jubilee's have just been released in the US so it might be some time before I get feedback.  
Buyer is claiming damage that was done by him!
It is exceedingly obvious that the buyer tried to remove the grills and damaged the speakers, and as anyone who owns or has owned Harbeth speakers understands the grills are very difficult to remove and it is very easy to damage the speakers. Skyl... 
Prima Luna vs. Jolida
How did the PL Dialogue Premium compare to the Jolida 302? I know there is a big difference in price, but I am curious. 
Considering switching to Tubes
I second Black Ice/Jolida, great sounding gear for not a lot of money and you can significantly upgrade the performance by getting upgraded resistors and capacitors from Black Ice in Maryland. 
Louis Chochos from Omega Speaker Systems
  Louis is very good guy who makes excellent speakers that are a true bargain and he takes great pride in everything that he builds. 
Small living room speaker options.. Totem Arro?
 Hello lietuvis91, have you made a decision yet?  Omega makes some very fine monitors both single drivers and 1.5 ways. If you prefer a two way I have used Joseph Prisms and ProAc Response D2's in a small room and both performed very well. 
Good monitor speakers for 300B amps.
Omega makes really great sounding high efficiency monitors and they don't get the recognition they deserve. They are RSL bargains at their their asking price and the new natural finishes are very beautiful. 
Jolida Fusion 3502S vs. Jolida Fusion 801
Thank you for the replies. I purchased the Jolida/Black Ice 3502s  with the Rike paper oil capacitor and Naked Vishay resistor upgrades a couple of weeks ago from Underwood Wally and I am very happy with the sound. This unit is very musical and we... 
Obscure brands worth considering
I forgot to mention that Redgum is now distributed in the USA by Colleen Cardas Imports. 
Obscure brands worth considering
Redgum makes some great sounding solid state electronics which even a tube lover can appreciate. This Australian company makes some of the most musical gear I have heard at any price. 
Need Small Bookshelf Speakers With a Big Sound
Joseph Audio Prisms and Larsen 60.2s both sound big and VERY good! 
Best Debut Albums
I agree The Doors was a fantastic debut album, but all of their albums were great!