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A 'First' System for my Son
Why not pick up a vellman stereo amplifier kit under $75 with an off the shelf transformer. Easy step by step directions just some soldering. great father son project...listening to somthing you built always worked for me and you can theme the amp... 
Lost that "Tube Magic". Can you help?
Cayin A88t That's where I Have ended up and really like the sound. Its been my experience that some solid state amplifiers when they get old have that exaggerated sound I found it in a B&K st202 and a soundcraftsmen ma5002. Dynaco st70 tube am... 
Looking for new monitors - $300-$600 budget
Find a pair of Infinity primus 150 speakers and buy a small sub with the change. 
Dynaco ST-70 and 6ohm speakers
Hi, Is there a problem with trying 4ohm taps with 8 ohm speakers? 
Dynaco ST-70 and 6ohm speakers
Hi and Thank you for your responce I have tryed them both and the 4 ohm taps do sound better to me. Its interesting that the Dynaco was able to drive magies Ive never had a pair but understand they are work best with high current amps. Regards--- ... 
Which ones have you tryed ? Thanks, Guycom 
Tuner deviation meter ?
Hi, my Vintage Fisher has three meters one centers on a station being in tune, one sweeps to the right to show signal strength, and one marked Deviation which moves along with the program meterial but not like an vu meter. I have an idea that ther... 
Vandersteen 3A vs new 2 Series ?
Just the info I am looking for. Thanks for takeing the time to respond. Guycom 
Infinity Kappa 9's Tweaks?
Thanks Theo, I am also using a large yamaha pc2602m amplifier. Some one has shown intersest in the Kappas and I was thinking of going to the other end of the chain and trying a set amp with single drivers. In the interum I have a pair of RS3'S tha... 
The passing of another legend...
Very sad, I too was lucky enough to start with a dh-200 after breaking out of recievers, and heard what was possible with well desighned dependable equipment. RIP 
dual amp biwire Question?
Thanks swampwalker, I found a lot of info on horizontal biamping. It seems wise to run the bottom with the qsc amp ( it will run at 2 ohms all day) - And use the old Nikko for the high end it is very warm sounding and not desighned for dificult lo... 
High End Myth Glossary.
A while back there was a post on recepticle covers (wall plates) and the way they effect sound. I like tube rolling but never considered plate rolling. Great post, I am enjoying it! 
Amplifier speaker relay problems.
Update- crocus cloth worked. Also corected a low left channel at slight volumes. Thank you both for the advice regards, Guy 
Amplifier speaker relay problems.
Thanks Bob I will give that a try first,Regards, guy 
Amplifier speaker relay problems.
So Just let me know if I have this correct. Remove the relay and run the two normally open swich legs thrue a 1/2 amp fuse. Thank You, Guycom