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Do we really need anything more than 8" woofer and 1" tweeter for medium size room?
I like this comparison.   "There's no substitute for cubic inches"in the automotive field.  So there's also no substitute for woofer size "modifying" Hoffman's Iron Law just a little 
How old are your speakers
I forgot to add the Altecs date to 1968, but I have a small pair of Montereys which are several years older. 
How old are your speakers
The oldest everyday set is my Altec "home brew".I have some Bozaks probably contemporary with the Altecs.One EV cornerhorn from the 50s.Then the WE 12a & 13a probably close to 90 years young.These are not the plywood horns. 
Rip LP's to Digital
I have a box made by Xitel that goes from tape out to usb.It comes with software.There are probably others. 
Why not accordion ?
Yechhhh. Question to the accordion player: Can you play "Far, Far Away?" The farther the better.Sorry. The only good accordion was Stan Freberg's spoof of Lawrence Welk. 
Rewiring 220v to 120v
Have you checked with Clearaudio? 
Linda Ronstadt/Nelson Riddle
Lew: No offence taken as I'm sure none intended. 
Rewiring 220v to 120v
Not all motors can do both voltages. A small travel power transformer might be the answer depending on motor size. 
Linda Ronstadt/Nelson Riddle
Dear Lew: I'm referring to the album titles for the Ronstadt /Riddle collaborations. I never suggested that Sinatra sang a song called "Lush Life" (Ronstadt/Riddle.) It is an album title however (Ronstadt/Riddle.) And I did shorten the album title... 
Linda Ronstadt/Nelson Riddle
I have had "What's New?" for ages and just got "Sentimental Reasons." The last, I think is Lush Life. "What's New"is the better of the two. Have to wait and see about "Lush Life." 
marantz SLT 12-u turntable
I have an XV-15 Pickering (750) in mine, so it will accept a "tall" cartridge. Now I haven't used mine in decades, it's in the closet right now, but I'll drag it out sometime when I can do it. Betting it does need a belt. 
Dynamic speakers
Great Plain Audio 
Purpose of Dome on Tweeter...
I do believe EPI had the first inverted dome tweeter that was not attached to a horn 
Altec A7 What to do
The link is good, but sometimes there is a problem, like right now, 10:22 am.Mid bass horn is what the woofer is at the back of. Filling the space behind the horn flares among other things to stiffen & mod the cabinet internals has been discus... 
Altec A7 What to do
Go here: http://www.hostboard.com/forums/f700/altec-users-board.htmlyou will find out how to dampen the horn. The mid bass horn and the HF horn too.