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Joseph Audio Pulsar2 vs dynaudio confidence 20 vs tad-me1
@panerai557 You can also consider the KEF Reference 1. When I demoed the TAD ME-1 at a dealer they also had the Reference 1 which we put them head to head in a 2 hour or so demo, I went there with 2 other friends. We all agreed the TAD was a littl... 
Joseph Audio Pulsar2 vs dynaudio confidence 20 vs tad-me1
@prof It’s all relative aint it? The performance of the driver isn’t unknown, the measurements are publicly posted by the manufacturer. It’s up to end user it determine if that's what they are looking for. 
Seas 2.5 Way Graphite Kit - Delling
So these are OEM JA Perspectives? 
Joseph Audio Pulsar2 vs dynaudio confidence 20 vs tad-me1
Not all of these speakers have the same bass extension, and the average listener will tend to prefer the bassier speaker since 30-35 percent of psychoacoustic weighting tends to be based on bass performance.I heard the Confidence 20 at RMAF--demoe... 
Why so underwhelmed by Revel F208 audition???
The Revel F208 has a flat soundpower in the 1-2K range. Most speakers have a dip caused by the crossover here. If you look at the spinorama of the Salon2, it has that typical 2k dip and will image more like a typical loudspeaker. 
velodyne dd plus? still considered best of the best?
I wouldn't buy a powered loudspeaker from a company that no longer services them or provides warranty service....stick to something with good warranty, and run some good room correction software and it will sound as good if not better than some ol... 
I gre out of Be Tweeters
I used to avoid coaxials because everyone talked about so-called "doppler distortion" but I learned from Andrew Jones it's basically non-existent in a 3-way and I prefer the way coaxs image over the traditional vertical driver alignment. 
Towers vs stand mounts with dedicated stereo subs?
Sierra 2ex is very good for the price. As are the Kef R3 and Buchardt S400 
I gre out of Be Tweeters
Hopefully your examples of "beryllium" and "affordable diamond" aren't Usher drivers because those are actually titanium/ceramic lol.That said I really like the SB TW29BN beryllium. Ever have any experience with that driver? 
Best speakers 5k 10 k
Maybe a coaxial driver if you like imaging. 
New Revell PerformaBe speakers
I would hope the F328be is better than the Studio 2. Even the F208 beat out the Studio 2 in Revel's internal tests, which is why it makes a lot of sense to retire that model.  
Any monitors clearly better than Pulsars?
Personally in terms of non-waveguided drivers I think the SB Acoustics TW29BN is superior to the Seas T25 Millenium. 
Why bookshelf type speakers are high end
Most towers don’t have the necessary extension to reach anywhere near 20hz, and it’s better to offload the bass load to a subwoofer either way to reduce the load on your amplifier/receiver.There's also not that much musical content below 40hz for ...