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dac advice
The Bitfrost is on order be a week or 2,they are kind of vague about being more exact than that, anyways will post when I can, Nick 
dac advice
I am thinking of getting the Shiit,Bifrost dac, at $350 new from a former Theata designer and a 15 money back I will give it a try!! First have to pay bills!!! lol!! 
dac advice
I should ad that I listen to a lot of Rock , flamenco,acoustic guitar , love good vocals,really anything but classical,and I did have a msb link 3 a long time ago that malfunctioned and got rid of it, also had a AudioMirror Dac 2,not good enough, ... 
dac advice
I agree to audition however noone in the Detroit area sell dac's that are mentioned,one dealer sells dacmagic,Audio research,and that's about it, so I am really looking for advice here,I am wondering about a used Monarchy m24 would like some imput... 
dac advice
These are some great responses,Ilike what ckoffend had to say along with others ,what is your take on a old used Monarchy dac? 
what's better Pradigm or Nht
looking at either the studio 20 or the nht 3 any input wellcomed 
reasonably priced tube amps
I like the Rogue ,have not heard the others,but they are all great amps,these threads are like a car club if you own a camaro then you criticize mustangs and in truth they are both great cars,same here,get your absolute favorite tune and listen to... 
Any comments on the Decware Zen amp?
wow!! paul you actually can drive logan's with a 2 watt amp?Myself I am in the market for a amp and I am considering either a Rogue coronus ,or a Portal Panache,I have a pair of Markk&Daniels mini's that are 82db and go from 4-8 ohm's,you got ... 
Portal panache vs rogue Coronus
Facten, I listen to everything but classical,rock,blues,flamenco,lots of vocals like Sade,I think my speakers are 8ohm's that dip to 4 ohms,at 82db,what is your your opinion on the differences of the Coronus and the Portal Panache? thanks Nick 
int-amp for Paradigm Studio-20s?
my brotherinlaw has the studio 20 and I have or should say did have a rogue 80 tube amp,and the combo is just plain fantastic sorry I sold my rogue,tubes give them a warmth and fullness and really just plainly sound great!!! 
Small speakers...big sound??
mark&daniels mini's you'll be pleasently surprised, 
Glow Amp One questions?
I have the glow one and I use it with 95 db speakers and it rocks!! But well for me I have had many amps and tried this one thinking that I would like the pentode sound and I do but I like the troide sound better so iam letting it go for $400 (fir... 
grant fidelity tube buffer experience
I have one for about a month now and I love it. I sold decware z-box that is suppose to do the same thing and I find that the Grant is by far better. I softens up some of the edges and I believe the sound is better also,I paid $400 for the Decware... 
Best 2 Channel Integrated Used for under 750?
there is a brand new Grant amp for sale for I think 650? it's tube too! 
Best 2 Channel Integrated Used for under 750?
jAudio refinement The Complete is the amp to get for only about 500 on the gon Primaluna is great too but need a little more money about 300 more and it's worth it if you want tubes,sorry I sold my Complete!!!!!!!!!!!