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Baltimore MD
there is also a Mid-Atlantic audio club. They meet in Columbia sometimes, but I think most events are in Northern VA (don't quote me on that since I've been out of the scene as of late). The Mid-Atlantic club can be found on Audiocircle.com 
Great musical CDP?
Still loving my Lector 7T 
Obscure companies making excellent speakers?
I would add Hawthorne Audio. Haven't heard them myself, but an interesting design of drivers for open baffle implementation. They have their own friendly and informative forum and first rate customer service. 
Lector CDP 7 Mk I, II or III ?
My CD player exposure is somewhat limited, though I have heard some high end players like an Accustic Arts transport and DAC. In my own system, I've owned a Njoe Tjoeb (w/ upgrades and upsampler), the Musical Fidelity A5, and now the Lector 7T, I ... 
Would a political candidate audiophile be skewered
Maybe he/she would be in favor of audiophile tax credits. You can get a tax credit for every piece of high end gear you purchase. A monetary incentive would also be good social policy by encouraging the younger iPod generation to explore and exper... 
great musician's audio systems
The CBS Sunday Morning Show did a story/interview with Herbie Hancock. There were some shots in his home and he definitely had some Tetra speakers. Never heard Tetras myself, but they have a distinct appearance. 
Which Herbie's Product is Best?
As much as I like the Isocups, I still think that the choice between the two can be system and/or component dependent. You might find that some components work better with the Tenderfeet than they do with the Isocups. The great thing about Herbies... 
Baltimore MD
Quoting Wb3ffv: "Wow, I went and looked at AudioCircle, and that sure didn't look any less confusing to me. I have run a few forums, and it's all quite easy."No problem. Just use the Yahoo group or whatever everyone finds most convenient. On Audio... 
Baltimore MD
I know I didn't attend the gathering, but I have posted interest in this group before. (Really sorry that I couldn't go because not only did I use to be a Magnepan 3.6 owner, but I now use the Merlin VSM-M, an older but bigger version of the monit... 
Who is your favorite jazz pianist
I'll second the Art Tatum. Also a plug for my latest infatuation of Phineas Newborn. And, lastly, an honorable mention for my home town homie, Cyrus Chestnut. 
What is the best place to buy tubes?
My vote is for Brent Jesse at http://www.audiotubes.com/and/or Jim McShane. Both great guys, knowledgeable, and trustworthy. 
what kind of audiophile are you ?
Yeah, I agree with Dave; I think there can be combinations. I've definitely felt like all three on more than one occassion, though more often 1 and 3. And then there are the days when the boom box and car radio are just fine. 
An Audiogon based system
Almost a complete Audiogon system. My CD player, my preamp, my turntable, and all of the cables were purchased through Audiogon. With the exception of a few tubes and my amp which was bought used, but purchased directly through the manufacturer, e... 
Record Sleeves - Which ones and where?
Thanks guys. Very interesting. Now I have about 800 outer sleeves to buy. Sheesh. When does it ever end. I've been buying a ton of inner sleeves since I got a used Nitty Gritty Record Doctor a few months ago, which I absolutely love, by the way (b... 
Record Sleeves - Which ones and where?
Sorry for being dim, but what are outer sleeves, why are they important and how do they protect the LP from wear, tear and dust? I've heard of plastic covers used to protect the album cover, but never heard of an outer "sleeve" that could protect ...