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Evolution Acoustics MMMicroOne
I went to the room at least three times listening to all types of music. No doubt, the presentation was wonderful, often much better than many other rooms. Each time I walked away thinking that these speakers played well beyond their physical size... 
The Hub: TidBits from RMAF 2009: Part TWO
The Audio Note room at RMAF '09 was impressive with a spectacular soundstage spanding side-to-side with a speaker against the corner of each front wall in a fairly large room. No expense was spared in cables with Nordost Odin cabling. In spite of ... 
German Schucko Connectors and Wall Outlets
Gunbei .......... you are a local from the 50th state in my books! 
German Schucko Connectors and Wall Outlets
Gunbei .......Oh I see ......... a fellow Kamaaina! Thanks Brah!!!!!! 
German Schucko Connectors and Wall Outlets
Gunbei ......... Thank you very much for responding to my thread and providing me with a helpful suggestion. I truly appreciate your thoughtfulness. 
RE: Outfitting AC to 220V in USA
Jea48 ......... Thank you very much for your explanation. You are the first person to really explain this to me and I appreciate the time you took. 
RE: Outfitting AC to 220V in USA
An update ....... A technician who sells European plugs and outlets informed me that I should purchase a transformer to convert from 220V to 120V. I was told European or overseas power has only one phase as opposed to USA with 3 phases.Thanks to a... 
Electraglide Epiphany -X VS Shunyata
In my personal experience, the Epiphany X is an excellent power cord for source applications, pre-amps, and line conditioners (including the Sound Application RLS).In regards to amplifiers, I have been satisfied with the Nordost Valhalla cord. Ano... 
Isoclean Fuses
My understanding is that the fuses are not sold by dealers. Rather, you can buy them through the Isoclean distributor. 
Review: Rosinante Pursang S Speaker cable
Amen to the above product review by Wrover and contributory comments from Eilif. I too employ the Pursang Super speaker cables and Pursang interconnets in my system, and I am getting a full, detailed, and dynamic sound from my Legacy Focus 20/20 s... 
Best digital cable below $500
My favorite digital cable under $500 is made by Argent Audio and is called "the Pursang." I preferred the Pursang over Kimber's top-of-the-line digital which costs considerably more. The only other digital cable that I prefer over the Pursang is t... 
Talon Raven C Speakers
Pehare...........you raise an interesting question and thanks for your informative recommendation. 
REL stadium II vs. stadium III
I generally agree with Dodgealum and Lissnr, however my suggestion would depend upon the size of your room and whether or not you plan to purchase two REL Storm III woofers or one REL Stadium II or III.Your listening room configuration also plays ... 
Talon Raven C Speakers
Islandbird........thanks for your input and thoughts. You are the Man (with the Firebirds)! 
A dedicated digital Cable or XLRinterconect?
RCA digital cable is 75 ohms and AESEBU digital cable is 110 ohms. I too own a Forsell Air Reference transport and I personally favor either the Purist Audio Dominus RCA digital cable or Argent Audio Pursang RCA digital cable.The DAC that I am usi...