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Tube Replacement Advice
For EL84, the best but near impossible to find is Lorenz. The second best(s) - Valvo disk getter then Telefunken. 
Why no mention of "Stereovox" cables??
Josephaud and Occlusion,Did you compare them with other expensive cables?Hee 
Review: Shanling CD-T100 CD Player
jimbo,What speakers are you using with the AN tube amp? 
FAST and NOT THIN sounding PC recommendation?
Sonic_genius,Thank you so much for your reply!My typo in my previous message:"...I have the (1m) Sigma and want a better cable..."Should be:...and want a cable with better bass.Yes, I like the performance of Sigma other than the bass which make me... 
FAST and NOT THIN sounding PC recommendation?
Sonic_geniusAre the Sigma and SLVR close in performance? How close? I have the (1m) Sigma and want a better cable.TIA.Hee 
Do tube dampers really work?
Marakanetz,Tubes are microphonic in nature, try knocking anywhere near the tube socket.Gnobber,Up /down, lose/tight - the magnitude of damping.Motdathird,Can a metallic clamp added on a tuning fork prevent the tuning fork from vibrating when being... 
XLO burn in disc:
How about the PAD disk (2 versions)?TIA 
Do tube dampers really work?
1markr,I couldn't tell the readings before and after using the Hal-Os. You may want to contact my friend (in Germany) if you're really interesed. He could be reach at info@audiotubes.de. FYI he's a honest tube seller and he has to measure tubes, t... 
Do tube dampers really work?
A friend of mine, who is a tube seller in Germany, test the Herbie's tube dampers in his own designed microphonic tester. He recorded a max of 6dB of microphonic level being reduced on a E88CC tube with the Herbie dampers. 
Eastern Electric Mini Max Preamp - WOW
Opinion? No. I have a MiniMax and I dumped my EAR 834L. 
help...muddy sound from 834p
Are you using the original EAR tubes? They sound like what you'd described. And a used Kimber PK14 will help. 
best monitor available?
Any one tried Tannoy's System 800,1000 and 1200? How about Tannoy's DX00 series? 
What tube pre amp for live sound on rock and roll
How about a humble looking tube preamp which someone would take it and give up a Hovland?Check this:http://db.audioasylum.com/cgi/m.pl?forum=tubes&n=112544&highlight=minimax&r=&session= 
Purist Audio Colossus speaker cables... wow
AlbertporterDoes the Venustas powercord has 2 versions - one for 220~240V 50Hz and 120V 60Hz?Hee 
Audio Note-Ref II-CAT Ultimate-or Joule Electra
I agree with Rickjames that the MiniMax is very good.