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Tired of SS amp.
Thanks for all your imput.Let me clarify, I have never got tired of listening to the pass, It has put me in bliss many times.I just miss tubes and want to get back, Iam very interested and am leaning towards the cary 211ms.Of course there is the c... 
Tired of SS amp.
should of turned on the lights in my office. sorry for the grammersteve 
Tired of SS amp.
Yes i shoulf of mentioned that.Wasia 861Synergistic des. ref. IC balanced ,active sheildingPASS 350syergistic des.ref. speakerdunlavys sc4 a,sI fill the system was solid. Was never fatiqued during listening and usually listen for hours. (not like ... 
cd players with volume control
Frap I wasent slamming you but pointing out on my system there is enough gain I agree with the origanal brothers in arms cd its recorded very low.Try the new remaster version much better. 
cornfedboy ?
I wasent trying to insult anybody out there.Apoligies to all. I try to keep things clean . If you have read all my stupid post and threads there is not one insult and this was not one.Just bad humorI enjoy this site and do what i can and learn wha... 
The Canadians that visit the site
Kelly where in denver, I lived in Golden for awhile.Hows the weather.I worked down town. great place denver i think often of it. Every weekend id go to twin lakes on the back side of aspen fishing, great fishing above twin lakes at the .Cant think... 
Best single-malt Scotch...
Dekay,We both like the same scotch Doublewood 12. smoky smooth.The 12 is 65.00 a bottle here i don,t think thats resonable though.Great scotch.steve 
USA - Europe Duties
Have the dealer write on the declaration card repair. I have had no problems thus far,Guam is US territory but papper work is has though this little rock is part of asia. 
The Best DeKay - Copper or Silver Wire?
It,s morning here now 7.30 am and the first time i read the thread i did not catch it.Now since i had my coffee and reread some threads it all make sence.Dekay the next thread i start well start with Dekaying....... 
cornfedboy ?
I did not know there were so many cornfed boy,s out there.I was curious about the 1012 and wow all thissteve 
The Best DeKay - Copper or Silver Wire?
Being a Dental tech (ceramist) all help you all i can Dekay.Has far has cables go dekaying copper works fine.which steve are you referring too. 
5 is tuff after a few minutes of thinking here i go1. Kate Schrock..dames rocket bob ludwig recording..excellent.2. Patricia Barber..companion xrcd..beautiful3. THE STEELY DAN STORY 1972-1980..SHOWBIZ KIDS4.Christy Baron..steppin..24/965 DIRE STRA... 
cd players with volume control
Frap. I think your wromg. My wadia 861 has more gain direct to my pass x 350 then i need, but the pass is 150db. 
Always leave equipment on?
I used to leave my equipment on 24/7.The digital is still on 24/7 but the amp now is in stand by mode when not listening.Reason,s? amp is pass x3501. I changed the wiring to 35 amp fuses with 8 g. braided and in doing so the amp run,s hotter. I ta... 
How much does your system retail for?
$32,200 and everyone think,s iam crazy. YEP and ive enjoyed everybit of those 32,000.