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Differences between Tannoy Stirling and Turnberry?
to: joc3021Where are you located? 
having problems with music streamer/windows?
Hello,Have you resolved the problem with your Music Streamer? What was the issue?Thank you. 
Help: My newly upgraded AA Capitole gives no sound
I am French... I could help you to communicate with Audio Aero if you like (I believe they're in Toulouse). Let me know... 
Johnny Cash Discography
Jimjoyce25: the Bear Family cd's are digital versions of the original recordings. 
Johnny Cash Discography
Johnny Cash most creative and influencial period was when he vas with Sun Records and Columbia. The Bear Family label (out of Germany) has issued all the original recordings of the "Man in Black" with superb sound and original packaging, including... 
Johnny Cash - Get Back Reissues - Anyone heard em?
I 100% agreed with Narrod! 
Ike Turner RIP
Gregadd: very accurate comment. Thank you! 
Ike Turner RIP
Eaikesman did a great job in resuming the great Ike Turner's career. What a musician! He was such an innovator... I saw him live last year in a small club in Paris, France, he was terrific and the audience loved his performance. I know I'll miss him. 
What's the best, or your fave Johnny Cash song?
"The Folk Singer" (Bear Family) is my favorite. Deep and dark! 
Shanling/Music Hall CD Player repair
Please contact Bernard Li at Charisma Audio (charisma@rogers.com) in Canada. They import Shanling and they do have a repair center in Ontario (Draco International).I have had a problem with my CD-T100 and they fixed it in a timely manner. Bernard ... 
Best sounding SACD regardles of music
Muddy Waters/Folk SingerEric Clapton/461 Ocean Blvd.Buddy Guy/DJ Play My BluesBob Dylan/Blonde on Blonde 
My Jolida 100 skips even on new cds. How to fix?
I have had a similar problem with a Shanling 100. The transport had to be replaced. Everything is fine now. 
The Beatles vs. The Rolling Stones
Stones of course!!! 
Any suggestions for good obscure music?
WILLIAM LEE ELLIS "God's Tattoos", producet by James Dickinson (Yellow Dog Records) and CHRIS COTTON's "I Watched the Devil Die" 
Adam Audio of Germany
Or you could go to Qu├ębec since Diffusion Audio is the Canadian distributor for Adam. Please check with Andy sales@diffusion-audio.com