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Proac response D2 or Harbeth for a Leben cs-600
Do you think cs600 is great combi with Zu druids MKIV/08? or should I go with cs300xs 
Under 1500$ Solid State Amp for Usher Be-718
I used to have BE-718..but didn't really like the bass. At least 200wpc for the spkrs to perform the best...imho 
advise needed on amps...
I dont think it possible to demo with my speakers. the nearest owner is at 250km away. To bring my speakers along is not practical.That's why i'm asking opinion in here...from the experts who has the experience...thanks..;) 
Luxman SQ-38s with Druids MKIV
I got two option actually The Luxman and Leben C300 
Luxman SQ-38s with Druids MKIV
Ok, Thanks... 
Sansui AU-111 vacuum tube amplifier
Sota Sapphire & Lenco 75..
It's Sota Sapphire.... 
Sota Sapphire & Lenco 75..
between these two TT which is a better one..... 
New Zu Mission cable
I've replace LAT International SS1000MKII with Mission...great improvement. 
MacCormack DNA225 vs Quad 909
thanks guys,I'm using passive tube buffer pre with steps volume, MFidelity A5 cdp and Zu Druids MK4 speakers. the passive with steps helps for high sensitivity speakers. 
McCormack DNA225 upgrades
come on guys...I'm on the other side of planet...I need help.Close up pics would be good for me to know what are the parts 
Review: LAT International SS 1000 Mk II Speaker cable
It's hard to believe that this cable can improve in every section almost like changing and equipment ...i.e..CDP.I'm blown away by the performance, totally!. I play bass, drums and guitar and now I can really feels the rumble of real bass, hidden ... 
VTL tubes 6550A,B,C, WA or WB?
It seem that I hardly get an answer regarding VTL.... 
How hot should a McCormack DNA-225 get?
DNA 225 fuse rating at 5A..is it fast or slo blo 
Review: Usher Be-718 Monitor
40wpc is very low for usher. I'm using with 250wpc tubes power and they sing!