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San Jose, CA
I'm over in Santa Cruz, but always willing to travel to hear others systems. 
What vintage speaker might you use today
Mine would be the Von Schweikert VR8's . Maybe not as good as what replaced them, but I enjoyed them as much as any speaker I ever owned and still feel like they were the one that got away. 
Evolution Acoustics MM3`s
The speakers are so tunable I think you could make them work for either, but not both. It took me a long time to tune mine for audio and HT needs to be mixed differently thru the mids and bass.I would never put a sub in the room with these. They w... 
Gold or Rhodium
If possible, install more dedicated electrical runs in the room. Then add more wall sockets than you will ever use. I did this with two GTX gold, two GTX rhodium, 4 Oyaide R1's and two FIM's and two Porter ports. When I bring in new gear or new po... 
Budget Power Cords, which brand to choose?
Another HUGE thumbs up for Triode Wire Labs. Like Carerra's post above, I have been in this hobby for 50 years and have had way too many power cords. The musicality of the TWL cords has changed my system. Before Pete's cords, I was listening to mu... 
Best of XLR cable?
I bought a pair of xlr cables from surfcables.com for a garage system the other day for a ridiculously cheap price and am shocked just how good they are sounding after just two days of play time. It turns out he is also a Audiogon member. I'm post... 
repair or replace Accuphase DP-75V after 15 years
First off, great system. I really like the dp75 and think it's still a very nice player. Talk to someone that can tell you what drive is in it and start looking for one. Maybe $250 at the most. Then you have an item to sell for good money if you w... 
California Audio Show 2014
The Loggie Audio room was fantastic! I also loved the Acoustic Zen room. I was pleasantly surprised how great some of the less expensive systems sounded. The live concert was a nice touch and the rocking AV room on the second floor reminded me jus... 
Help me spend my money
No on the usb cable. No on the converter for now. They become obsolete too fast. Realtraps are great but try before you buy to see if you need them and how many. The Caps server MAY be a great idea, but check out the Auralic Aries coming out soon.... 
Recommendation for Integrated Amp w/ Big Sound
Sorry, I didn't see the price maximum. Maybe the STI 500 for 1k, but that may be wishful thinking also. I recently bought the W4S sti1000 for a second system and am floored by how great it sounds. It might be worth saving up for. 
Recommendation for Integrated Amp w/ Big Sound
The Wyred4Sound STI series integrated amps are REALLY nice. Maybe more power than you would need now. 
Audio Magic Pulse Gen products
I have been moving my two PEA's everywhere. Try putting one of them very close to the house fuse panel that services your stereo. My second PEA sits on top of the row of male plugs exiting my Mini Ref 2. 
Songs With Best Ending...and?
"Thick as a brick" Jethro Tull, "Road to Moscow" Al Stewart. 
Berkeley DAC Series 1, anything better 2.5K$
Any new dac I would buy would have to include DSD playback. There are a lot of small recording studios starting to produce some very nice recordings in DSD. I am thrilled with my Auralic Vega and a lot of audiophiles like the Mytec. The Computer A... 
Audio Magic Pulse Gen products
I connected one of my Pulse gens to a standard power cord I then plugged into the wall. That allowed me to try it in several pieces of gear. Each time it took about 24 hours to get the full effect. It made a HUGE difference in my dac and a lesser ...