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Which Hegel Amp with LRS+
It is not so much of how many watts but an amp with high current. I found my small Mark Levinson (only 50 watts in 8 ohm, 100 in 4 ohm) is enough to drive my 1.7 in my small 13x19 room.   
what are your top "audio bargins" in your system history?
+1 on the Spica TC50  
Small, Effective Subwoofers?
If space is a concern, check out the Kef KC62 or KF92. They are very small, the KC62 is only about 10"x10" with 2x 6.5" drivers and the KF92 has 2x 9" drivers. Both have a 2x 500W (1000W total) class D amp and can go down to 11Hz (-3dB) according ... 
Your experience with Thiel 3.6
@unsound , Thanks for the responds. I haven't get the 3.6 just yet. There is one available not too far from me but I would not be able to demo it in my room. Also, I will have to get a new amp to drive them too. So that's why I ask the question he... 
Your experience with Thiel 3.6
@unsound, If you meant put the speakers on the 19' wall. I could, but if I pull them out 3' from the back wall, the speakers will be only 9' away from the opposite wall (the room is only 12' wide). As I understand, for the 3.6, the sweet spot nee... 
Your experience with Thiel 3.6
Do you guys think a 12x19x7 room will be too small for the 3.6? The room is in the basement so it is enclosed and only for music. It has a small window in one of the short wall; however, low 7' drop-down ceiling . The speakers will be facing down ... 
Peachtree GaN 1 Beta
Thanks kitsap2, Since so many people in this forum like vinyl just wondering have anyone of you had tried it and what's the result.  
Peachtree GaN 1 Beta
Has anyone tried connecting a turntable using the 3.5mm input on the Bluesound Node and played it on the amp? How does it sound comparing to your pre/power amp?   
Gustard R26
OP, any update of the r26?  
What is a good turntable preamp under $500?
Lounge Audio's LCR MK III.  
Where do you buy your vinyl?
I just found a used record store yesterday 10 minutes from my house. I stop by today and it was running a 50% off everything below $4.99, I got 6 good condition records for $11, and these are audiophile recordings!  
Thiel Owners
tomthiel - thanks for the history of the CS2. If I remember correctly, I saw a review that said the CS2 had a upgrade/change around 1989. Is that true and what's changed?  
Thiel Owners
tomthiel - Thank you for the quick respond. Unfortunately all four walls are drywalled already, I would have to put them on the short wall. Actually, behind the speakers (on the short wall), there will be two cabinets from floor to ceiling 4 feet ... 
Thiel Owners
tomthiel - there is a pair of CS2 available locally and I was wondering if is it worthwhile to consider getting them. The owner sold all his equipment so I will have to bring in my amps and cd player just to demo.  On the pictures, I can see both... 
Thiel Owners
Hello, everyone, this is a huge discussion and with a lot of great information but because of the number of posts, it is very hard to find a particular topic. Is there a way to search within this discussion? For example, search everything regardin...