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Melissa Etheridge, Dean Martin Albums - Suggestion
Dean Martin "Dream With Dean" is his best sounding album and great music. 
Raidho D1/C1.1 vs Dynaudio C1 vs Magico Q1
I have spent considerable time with the Raidho C1.1 and D1 speakers. I was not able to directly compare the Raidho's to Magico Q1, but I was able to compare Raidho directly to the Q3. In my system, I preferred the Raidho over the Q3. The Raidho's ... 
Experiencing Rowland M925 4-chassis reference amps
The 825 stereo amp is out and shipping. 
Experiencing Rowland M925 4-chassis reference amps
Guido, yes I own and enjoy 725s. I also have a Corus preamp on order and should take delivery within a week. I have owned Rowland gear in the past, but this generation is really something special. I would seriously consider an upgrade to the 925s ... 
Experiencing Rowland M925 4-chassis reference amps
Guido:Your continued impressions on the differences between the 725's and 925's are most appreciated. Thanks and congratulations on your new amps! 
Anyone own Nordost TYR or ODIN?
I have auditioned the TYR 2, Valhalla and Odin IC's in my system. Each step up provided enhancements that were quite apparent. Within the context of my system the Odin IC's were the best by far. Frankly, I was shocked by how much better the Odin I... 
Searching for Sugar Man Movie is a must see
This is a great movie (actually a documentary) in general and a must see for music fans! Don't even think about it...just go see it! 
Amp for Sonus Faber Amati Futura
I used a Boulder 2060 with the Futura's with grest succcess. However, I can't comment on using the Vitus SL102 with the Boulder. 
Nordost Valhalla 2... When?
Lars told me sometime in 2013. 
Upscale audio advice
I have been buying from Kevin, the owner of Upscale Audio, for 15 years and he has always given me sound advise. He is one of the most knowledable tube guys in the business. If you were not talking with Kevin, perhaps putting in a call specificall... 
Sonus Faber Amati Futura
I spent close to three hours in the Amati Futura room at RMAF this past weekend over a couple of days. The speakers were driven with Audio Research DS450M amps and a Wadia cd player. All cabling was from Shunyata. There was also a REL G1 sub utili... 
Recommend good isolation
For a total investment of less than $10 I find this isolation technique works extremely well. Go to Walmart and buy a few 3 ball packages of Penn racquetballs. Go to their drapery department and buy a package of wood drapery rings with a 1 3/8ths ... 
MBL 101E Speakers and Musical Fidelity?
I successfully used a Musical Fidelity kW 750 dual mono amp on MBL 101E speaker. See Micky Fremer's review in Stereophile on this amp and the MBL's. 
New Bel Canto Gear at RMAF
I heard these amps in the Bel Canto room with the proto type TAD compact reference speakers and the sound was terrific. Some of the best at the show. 
Comparing Wadia vs. Meitner
Here is the other listeners perspective on the comparison sessions involving the Meitner and Wadia equipment. Rob and I tried both playback systems in each others homes. Total listening time was about two hours in each system. In the context of th...