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Darwin Ascension: audio video revolution review
Since this is an Ascension thread, I won't add my review yesterday of the Silver IC (unbalanced). While my experience with them may have a happy ending, getting there wasn't pleasant for the most part. See http://forum.audiogon.com/cgi-bin/fr.pl?r... 
Review: Darwin Cable Silver IC Interconnect
Thanks for the reviews. I recieved a pair of 5" silver ICs in early June and after the Darwin-prescribed several hours of breakin was not a happy camper. Tonally they were among the best I'd heard, although on the dark side, but otherwise I found ... 
The simple answer to my question (Davide256), something I hadn't noticed, is that the user has to start fidelizer manually each time, and reboot to get rid of it.Now, being aware of that, there are a bunch of problems:1) fidelizer kills foobar2000... 
What do you use to check for brightness?
Thanks for those ideas. Developers and reviewers have certain tracks they use for testing equipment. After awhile, one can get overly used to one's own. I envy those with perfect pitch who don't need reference points. 
How does one know Fidelizer is running, or is that the point of Dtc's comment - it doesn't show?When I disabled JPlay (trial) and installed Fidelizer and rebooted, Win 8 Action Center shows a problem with Cygwin. Which of these two is that attache... 
What do you use to check for brightness?
I think you miss the subtlety of the question. 
Which USB to S/PDIF converter with Metrum Octave?
For the Ciunas, I don't know how the converter has changed from the JKDAC model, but I suspect he made some changes that parallel those in the Dac. As for the later, three days in I'm finding it's really good. For some pre-production reviews, chec... 
Best Power Cable for less than $100
The MAC HC for $59, now Rite Audio Cables, is very decent. Far better than the Emotiva and Pangea. 
DAC sound going out
Correction: that third time, when I couldn't get the sound restarted, turned out to be because either the front input knob or USB 1.0/2.0 switch or both had changed positions. From a technical standpoint, from grossly inadequate install instructio... 
Computer power cable and desktop audio
Thanks. I noticed a big sound improvement on my Samsung LCD TV, along with my computer, when I switched to Pangea AC-14 power cords. Same when I went from a Monoprice "premium" Toslink to a Silflex glass. The improvements didn't surprise me so muc... 
Computer power cable and desktop audio
So do you know from experience whether or not the sound quality of a computer mains cord has an effect, or much of one, on desktop speakers run off a DAC? 
Solving a 2.0 Toslink problem
I've tried two Toslinks (2m), Monoprice and Silflex glass, so the cable is not likely the problem. No power conditioner. 
RCA Interconnect suggestions RCA
Incredcable diamond - what's that? A google search doesn't recognize it. 
RCA Interconnect suggestions RCA
I've tried the stock cables that came with Audioengine and PS speakers, some old XLO ER-5s, and Chord Crimson VEE 3. A pair of Morrow 2s on the way. With more breakin the Wireworlds cables have been coming alive, but I'm open to new ideas.