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Why Do So Many Audiophiles Reject Blind Testing Of Audio Components?
Last night I switched my speaker wires from 16 AWG copper to 14 AWG copper. I hear a subtle widening and deepening of the soundstage together with slightly improved rhythm and pacing. I KNOW WHAT I HEAR. And this is what I hear. Or at least I thin... 
Best lower end cables for B&W speakers...?
The wires you're already using are WAYYYY overkill for any speaker no matter how overpriced. Forget wires. Save up for something that actually matters. Like speakers. In fact you could downgrade your wires to 16 ga. zip cord and there would be abs... 
Who else is using old cables/interconnects, and is happy?
Interconnects; bottom of the line Audioquest , about ten years old. Sound excellent.speaker wire; Rocketfish 16 guage oxygen free stranded copper, ten years old. Sound excellent.read once the reason changing wires sometimes improves the sound is b... 
Schiit - shipments stopped?
Schiit is awesome. My Vidar amp delivered in ten days and it’s the best audio product I ever owned. And I’ve been buying audio gear for 50 years. Some of it much more expensive than the Vidar. But none of it better. I love Schiit. I even love the ... 
Suggest one obsure album we all should hear
Neil Young  "Mansion on the hill"It has one of the greatest Neil Young songs of all time;   "Don't spook the Horse"You owe it to yourself to hear it. 
Full circle and thinking about speakers
Full circle and thinking about speakers
smaarch 1 ; I do have a B&W powered sub and I usually use it with the maggies only it seems to kind of muddy up the sound due to the relatively slow physics of the dynamic sub driver compared to the ribbons in the maggies. But without the sub... 
Full circle and thinking about speakers
I’ll try again. If you think B&W speakers are clear and detailed you haven’t heard anything yet. Listen to a pair of magnepan LRS speakers. They put wooden box speakers to shame. 
What makes speaker's sound big?
If you want speakers that sound big try magnepan LRS speakers.You've never heard anything like them. Neither have most others here. 
Does anyone use wood for vibration control?
wood accomplishes absolutely nothing at all. doesn't sound better. doesn't sound worse. doesn't do anything. 
How important is the rack you use for your components
Any rack is capable of perfect sound.  Just go to the hardware store and get foam weather stripping and isolate the components from the rack frame.  God there's so much idiotic nonsense around here. 
Cable septic
No one hears a difference between wires. In fact what they do is imagine a difference between wires. 
Soundstaging and Imaging: The Delusion about The Illusion
It is difficult to think of anything less important than this thread. 
What piece(s) of gear did you sell/give away that you would like to have back?
Micro-sieke DD-40 TT with MA-505 arm. The most beautiful TT you ever saw. Solid rosewood base. Look it up online and check it out. Sold it for next-to-nothing 20 years ago because I thought vinyl was dead. Also sold about a thousand LP's for, I th... 
Whats playing on your system today?
"The Future" by Leonard Cohen. You can find it on You tube.check it out. Also "Everybody Knows" by the same guy.