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Sam here and l just made a new discovry.
Put one lead of the meter in one ear and one lead in the other ear.  Let us know if you get a reading. 
It is not you, the sound really is getting worse
Right.  Closed caption on Hulu, Netflix etc solved all my problems.  And my popcorn is better, and less expensive.  I will never enter a theatre again.   
l just discovered another one of the record companies dirty tricks?
Here, there and everywhere.    Big  Pharma may explain this thread. 
Does It Even Matter?
I stream Amazon Music over WIFI.   Even with a low cost BlueSound Node 2i, I like the results. YMMV. 
l just discovered another one of the record companies dirty tricks?
Sam here, Sam there, Sam everywhere.  If you turn around, the tracks will be correct.  Problem solved, thank me later. 
Music Server - The Search Begins
@austinbob what delivery date did they give you for the MKIII? 
Accuphase E470 v. Luxman L509x
Hi @jafant jayant.    Sorry, I have been out of computer range for a while.I will go with a Luxman.  @arturgorniak  pointed out that in Japan the prices of Accuphase and Luxman are very close, but in the US this is not the case.  Well, it sounds l... 
My experience after lost of 20k$
 Innous Zenith Nain Uniti Core NAD 50.2please, PCs are for email not music. 
If you still spin CD's their is a reference level Transport for reasonable money
Who’s Jay? 
chinese counterfeitng
I think the CHICOMs preference is “clone” rather than fake..... 
Marantz SA-10 arriving Monday!
Stupid, I know, well Maybe someday they will wake up..... 
Marantz SA-10 arriving Monday!
You would think for the amount of money they charge for the  SA10 and the sister amp we could get the classic gold / champagne color.  Limiting color selection to black is just poor marketing, 
Accuphase E470 v. Luxman L509x
Like many audio enthusiasts, I listen with my eyes!  But after a week or two, the gear blends into the house and all that remains is sound.@kw6, Yamaha at the top of their range is an excellent product.   I would not hesitate to recommend the S 20... 
My Chronus Magnum is rock solid. But I think both amps are well built and should provide a long musical life span. 
Accuphase E470 v. Luxman L509x
I used to live in Japan.  Step up transformer heaven!!They charge what the market will support.  (too bad for us)Have to admit that, visually, the Accuphase is a nice piece of gear.