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Meridian G68 and MiniDSP
Thank you for the information.  I now understand this was not going to work as I had hoped  
Meridian G68 and MiniDSP
I don’t think we are on the same page. The Marantz 7701 has room correction software.  The MiniDSP is being used so I can tri-amplify my main speakers.  I use filters and crossovers in the MiniDSP to accomplish this task.   I am unaware of any pre... 
Meridian G68 and MiniDSP
I am wondering if the one less digital to analog conversion is better given that I am still going to be using analog amplifiers and speakers.  If the G68 needs to send a digital signal all the way to Meridian speakers, I am not going to improve an... 
HT Pre\pro with digital out
I do use a miniDSP 4×10.  I am looking for a pre/pro with a digital out to feed into the miniDSP. 
HT Pre\pro with digital out
I am using Emerald Physics CS 2.3 loudspeakers. They were to be bi-amped with a passive crossover for mids and highs. I replaced the Behringer digital crossover and EQ with a miniDSP. The miniDSP has more processing power and so I tri-amp the spea... 
Your ONE all time favorite love song?
"Glory of Love" by Peter Cetera. 
I use a Sim amp for highs and lows and SET amp for mids with my Emerald Physics 2.3. I connect all speaker cables directly to drivers. The DCX can be used as room correction as well as gain adjustment for using multiple different amps. I would als... 
Arcam P777 or Theta Intrepid
Another multichannel amplifier that sounds amazing is the Balanced Audio Technology designed Integra Research RDA-7. These can be purchased inexpensively as they are no longer manufactured. 
Lottery Winner would buy what kind of Stereo Gear
I would have to audition the MBL system, a Kharma Grand Exquisite system, a Marten Coltrane Supreme system, Avalon Isis, and a Lumenwhite system. I would have a house built around a room that would best replicate the audition I preferred. 
How to change Krell S-1000 voltage for Europe
Do I need to upgrade my receiver?
I changed electronics quite a bit before I changed speakers and noticed a larger difference with upgrading speakers. If you are unhappy with your system I would recommend upgrading speakers first. If you are happy with your sound, don't change a t... 
2 channel priority in HT Processor...who's is best
I would recommend the Theta Casablanca HD. I had a Casablanca II in the past and it was better than either B&K Ref 70 or the Lexicon MC12B I have had. The CBIII HD will be even better. I can't wait to get my hands on one myself. 
Wyred 4 sound mint vs. peachtree nova
I have had a Peachtree Nova in the past and currently have a W4S DAC-2. I found the DAC-2 to be more analytical than the Nova. Not too much, just more than the Nova. 
Assistance with tri-amping Emerald Physics CS 2.3
I don't know how to send a PM on here. I am interested in reading your post and you can feel free to PM me and I will reply with contact info. 
SSP as 2-Channel Preamp With Sub???
Edorr,I need to use a better DAC with my system as my transport is my weakest link. I think I will forgo the CB and keep my 2-channel and HT separate. Thanks for the advice, I apologize for highjacking the thread as well.