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Monoblocks and Marchand
I have a very similar setup on my 20's. I went with the Marchand's tubed version with stepped attenuators, becayse it was only a little more.The nice thing about the Marchand crossovers is that they are modular. If you later decide to have it made... 
Real time analyzer
If you have an android phone, there is a free app to do this. Its not as accurate of course, but its free, and you can get an idea of where your room is. John C. 
ozonated water for rinse cycle in cleaning vinyl
Remember also that water is the universal solvent. Perfectly pure water is corrosive, it has an affinity for dissolved ions, and will etch at any container you put it in. John C. 
What material best for a custom amp stand
Panzerholz wood, one of the most non resonant materials available. John C. 
What is the best arm for a Linn Soundeck 12
Best LP12 I've heard so far was Aro/Keel with power supply upgrade.John C. 
Did anyone experience Audio Prism's Ground Control
Budp:Is this the same thing you were refering to as 'Electron Pools' on other forums?John C. 
Most powerful and popular EL34 tube amp?
If your speakers have biwire posts, it may be cheaper to use 2 smaller amps like ST-70's to biamp them. John C. 
Drilling holes into the Michell Orbe SE subchasis?
I run a machine shop. The first step is to dissassemble the base, and remove it from the other parts. Then carefuly cover the edges in blue painters tape to prevent scuffing damage.Hold the mount in place, and mark one hole. Then centerpunch that ... 
Audio Physic Scorpios and SET amps
I'm currently running mine off a Vaughn Audio Carina. This amp has only 6 ohm taps.Appx 1 watt SET, and almost 2 in ultralinear. In a 14x17 bedroom, its plenty. Due to speaker placement, I was getting quite a bit of bass 'honk' at lower frequencie... 
sweep tubes and audio application?
Milbert and Berning amps use the 6JN6 tube. NOS are still $4-5 each, often a buck a piece at ham shows. After many years of use, I've never had one go bad.John C. 
vinyl cleaning with wood
I remember seeing a similar cleaning method using liquid latex(mold builder)John C. 
Pandora vs. Pandora One. Any audible difference?
Free internet radio over cell phone will eventually kill off XM, and sirius. 
To match quad EL34 tubes
'Better' is really a matter of taste, and the balance of the rest of your system. Different brands of tube will have different tonal balance. If you're looking for a different sound from your ST70, a different driver board might be what you seek. ... 
2 Quad EL34 sets for Dynaco ST-70
The way I do it on my ST70 is I first measure, and turn down the bias adjustment. Then I swap the tubes, measure, and turn the bias back up to the correct operating point with the new tubes. This makes sure you don't se the bias too high. Also, re... 
Could tube rectifier make have impact on sound
EL84 is not a rectifier tube, it is a pentode power tube. John C.