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Best live album you've ever heard?
Mahalia Jackson's "Live at Newport 1958" still gives me goosebumps every time I listen to it. Little Feat's "Waiting for Columbus", Bob Marley's "Live" of 1976 and Wes Montgomery's "Smokin at the Half Note" are some of my other favourites. 
How many audiophiles to screw in a light bulb?
7 to argue which light bulb creates the darkest backgrounds. 
Reggae music fans help; re: Scary Reggae Music
Might have been "Untouchable" from the album by the same by Anthony B. You can listen to that song on amazon. If you like "scary" reggae, check out some of the records by the late Keith Hudson or the late Price Far I (the voiced stuff although the... 
Cars. What does the typical audiophile drive?
Dream car is and has been for years: Ferrari Maranello 550 or 575 M. And to haul the family around, a Maseratti Quattroporte would be perfect :) 
Cars. What does the typical audiophile drive?
1996 Benz C 280 Sport and red Chrysler Crossfire. Hope to replace them both with a Benz CLS rather sooner than later. 
audio metallurgy cables?
I replaced my NBS Omega 0 interconnects with audio metallurgy GA-0 - that's how good they are. 
help me get into gospel
If you are interested in the history of gospel, check out dust-digital. Their product, "Goodbye, Babylon", is a phenomenal multi-CD collection that resulted from the co-operation of many acknowledged collectors and experts. 
Whats the best platform/support for Hydra
After much experimenting I found that I like my original Hydra (not 8) best on a German Copulare rack, the Hydra directly on top of Aurios Pros and the rack itself on Aurios Pros. For a while I thought that I like the Hydra on Stillpoints but then... 
Amazing XRCD I just purchased....
Bmwhaus, did you listen to the new XRCD24 of Way Out West? If so, does it improve upon the XRCD that's been out for a few years? 
The strangest looking gear you've ever seen??
I find that this beats almost everything else when it comes to strange, as in highly unusual, looks: http://www.electronluv.com/index.html. 
Best recording of Wes Montgomery's "Full House"
I second that! 
Cable Influences: IC SpeakerCables Power Cord?
NBS Omega 4 PC can be had for around 300 USD. 
What tweak, what to do?
Buy one set of used Aurios 1.1 or 1.2 and put them under the CDP. Should set you back less than 200 bucks here on Agon. That's a first step that should make a very audible difference. Of course, it's only the first step :) 
Which speakers for top notch system
The Eidolon is a great speaker and will go wherever the rest of the system takes them. You need to hear the Eidolons in an excellent system to get a complete impression of what they can do - I had the misfortune of attending more than one poor dem... 
To couple or decouple? That is the question.
Have you ever heard a fully decoupled system? My guess is not."The mechanical connection that doesn't introduce or take away any information." If that is the definition of coupling then coupling were the same as decoupling. Even decoupling needs s...