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Favorite moment with music in your car.
Late 1998. My client in Italy gave me a new company car. Audi R4. I had a music system installed. One ZZ Top song had such low bass it gave me goosebumps. Had more impact than my JBL L222 Disco towers at home.  
how to remove a woofer from b@w801n
Thousands of dollars for interconnects, power cables and speaker cables and the expensive sound unceremoniously goes through a 5 cent crimp on connector. 😊  
How can I measure the noise on my AC mains with a 2ch oscilloscope?
If only Edison had won the power war. We would have DC direct from the wall outlet. 😊  
Napping while listening
I have a custom mix CD of Elton John I play when I go to bed. If I am not asleep by the 5th song I get up and watch TV for a bit.  
blast from the past
blast from the past
Now that you mention it I am not sure why I had them. I used to have 30+ years of records but trashed a few decades when I moved 6 years ago. I started my punch card website 15 years ago. The only thing I can think of is I previously did a culling... 
Classical Record Collection Needs New Home
I donated my Dad’s vinyl to my county’s symphony orchestra. They have regular auctions to raise money. People win a 78, keep it for a while then donate back.   
Dog pissed on speaker
In the late 60s my first pair of speakers were JBL Dorian S12s. Our cat liked the grills. In those days grandma’s all had clear vinyl covers on their furniture. I found a shop and had them make me 2 flat bottom bags the size of my speakers. When n... 
Dog pissed on speaker
https://forum.audiogon.com/posts/2666765   And what does the dog get to do if you accidentally do #1 or #2 within 10ft? 😊  
Do You Buy Speakers Without Hearing Them?
Lates 60s I bought JBL Dorian S12 after hearing a huge JBL system at a Dick Clark concert production at the Chicago Stock Yards amphitheater. I think I did listen to them at Allied Electronics on south Western avenue when buying. Mid 70s I bought... 
Best Covers
The version of Sound of Silence by Disturbed. Even Paul Simon likes it.      
Favorite Obscure Rock Song
You’re Breakin’ My Heart Harry Nilsson    
Led Zep Fool in the Rain
Sina did it when she was 17.    
What to do with a large collection
I donated my Dad’s vinyl (78 and 33) to a local symphony orchestra. They hold auctions to raise money. Vinyl is popular. People buy, listen then donate back. And the circle goes on. Perhaps you could find an organization that would take CDs?  
50 ways to leave your lover
I saw them live at Northwestern in 1968. This was during the Chicago Riots and I was paranoid about driving home. Afraid a cop would pull me over. 😊     ellajeanelle  I am a big fan of Paul Simon (also Garfunkel).  I have always been an avid...