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Help with speaker selection
In my view, good feedback on the differences has already been accurately offered. I went through a very similar evaluation and almost identical speakers, 2 years ago. Price mattered, size mattered, sound mattered. I ended with a used set of Revel ... 
Primare CD32?
The unplug made no difference. It reads loading disc and then “error” after I insert  a disc.  
Primare CD32?
Wow! Wouldn’t that be great. I’ll try it.  
Primare CD32?
Will do. Thank you  
ADS-L880 Koss-1030’s AT-9Ls BIC Soundspan TPR-600 Klipsch Heresy Klipsch Cornwall  Advent (large) M&K S-100s with Subwoofers Revel Studio 2’s And more….  
Speakers 10 years old or older that can compete with todays best,
I have Revel Studio 2‘s with a pair of Rythmik subwoofers as my 2-channel and it’s hard to part with them. I had a recent situation that caused me to realize that money matters in sound, but at a certain point, for me it doesn’t matter enough to p... 
Why Don’t You Post Your System on Your Profile?
I added my system last year after this kind of question was posted. I forgot to toggle it so it could be seen by someone other than me.   
The Snob Appeal Premium
Generally speaking. For me, It is a pleasure when I can find the right amount of value for what is, by my gauge, the right amount of money. Finding the right amount of value for the right price is a subjective exercise. It is so much a subjective ... 
What happened to all the highend stereo shops
Many of the comments offered mirror my opinion. Let me add, I observe that for the many who could spend money today, their easy and ubiquitous access to “a vast library of music” is a higher priority than “hearing quality” of the same music librar... 
Revel F228be
I spent almost a year looking, learning, and listening where I could. I ended up with a pair of Revel Ultima 2, Studio 2’s, I bought used, and couldn’t be happier. I paired the Revels with (2) Rythmik F12SE subwoofers. I really like what they deli... 
Best Direction/Product Combo DAC/Streamer
Auralic Altair G1 or G2  
Full range speakers, 40"-44" max height
Speakers with deep/powerful bass
I’ve rattled a few things on the wall with Klipsch Cornwallis.  
Which Line Level, Balanced Preamplifier?
Often overlooked though shouldn’t be…Hegel, P-20 or P-30  
CD player suggestions...
I went with a used Primare CD32. Built really well. Sounds great! Simple.