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Best tube pre-amp with remote vol. control
Incredible dynamics, extension and clarity. Really unbelievable. 
Manley Reference Pre-amp
also, don't forget about speaker positioning. Too much toe-in can sometimes result in peaky sound between midrange and tweeter -- this I learned from experience. I'd play with speaker positioning before moving on to experimenting with cables. 
Are Linn black interconnects any good?
For the past year or so I have used the Linn black interconnect between my CDP and integrated amp (both non-linn). I never really did much in the way of comparison. Recently, I substituted an Analysis Plus Oval One interconnect (~US$90). Immediate... 
biwire question - 2 cables - 1 banana?
I use the rs banana plugs because the deltron connectors that my linn dealer soldered fell off twice (his soldering skill is only moderately superior to my nonexistant skills, it seems). I have no complaints about the Linn K20 wire -- I like the s...