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Smoothing power transients?
Well, that was clairvoyant… thunderstorms all day, and power just went out and on generator now. Fortunately my system was all off.   
Good cassette player?
Actually, with the infancy resurgence (there are musicians releasing content on cassette, if you can believe it), a fully functional restored deck can fetch a fair amount of money. And actually the higher end ones sound pretty decent, depending ho... 
Higher sensitivity - more dynamic sound?
Ok, obviously I’m dog paddling in the deep end … but if the amplifier has a very large - let’s say infinite - current capability, so can maintain voltage to be applied as the speakers impedance changes with signal frequency changes …? [I have a l... 
Higher sensitivity - more dynamic sound?
Frankly, any reasonably well designed and mated combination of speaker and amp can be sufficient. Consider that most rock /pop recordings have a whopping dynamic range of maybe 10db. Classical will have the widest range, perhaps 30 db.  
The new dynamic in speaker pricing
Everything in this world is worth exactly the intersection of what a willing buyer will pay and a willing seller will accept. I expect that any enthusiast with the means would have the finest system available to him/her, cost no object. So they m... 
Piega loudspeakers
Had C8Ltd … great speaker, probably the best speaker I’ve sold. Like many speakers, it really sounds best with quite a lot of current … a friend drove his with a Mac MC402, mine with a Plinius 8200MkII. Might be a big tube would work too but never... 
Why People Like Tekton
Not a Tekton owner, in fact have not yet heard, but have a feeling I’d like … for a while. Maybe I’m just a speaker slut and listen around a lot. I’ve lived happily (for varying durations) with lots of different speakers … none perfect, and none f... 
After the thrill is gone
@jjss49   which maggies? you certainly have good gear... definitely get the room and speakers set up properly... doesn’t seem to me new conventional driver speakers should be on the radar for you given the other priorities good health comfy h... 
After the thrill is gone
@jjss49 ya know, tried to update the other day and didn’t see how without creating a new one. Will have to look again. [edit: just updated] Two equipment updates … set up my VPI Classic 1 w/SoundSmith Zephyr MIMC Star through Lehmann Black Cube S... 
After the thrill is gone
Well, made decision (for now) to hold off on 2nd honeymoon or other dynamic driver speakers, and wait to get and live with Maggies for a while. I’m keeping my SDA-SRS2 (also for now) to remind me of the low bass and dynamics I may be missing, and ... 
After the thrill is gone
@soix  For instance, I was seriously considering Maggies myself years ago for all the amazing things they do right, but what they couldn’t do as well was bring a heft, weight, oomph, etc. to the sound that dynamic cone speakers do quite well. By... 
what’s a song cover that you think is better than the original?
@jimcrane since you mentioned it, if you’ve not heard, check out the Canadian Tenors version … very different treatment from most and probably my favorite. And can’t wait for the new doc to be more widely available.  
Need suggestions: High pitched female singers
Annie Haslam of Renaissance … big range, but when called for can hit high notes few mentioned so far could.  Listen to Prologue on Live at Carnegie Hall.  
Marantz SA-KI Ruby vs Denon DCS-A110 Anniversary Edition
Can’t offer anything about the Denon, but FWIW very happy with the Ruby. Tremendous improvement over the Oppo 105, and functions as a very good DAC for me.   
This TT Setup Shouldn’t Sound this Good
Not surprised at all … I still miss my Mk I w/Syrinx/Koetsu … current VPI Classic/SoundSmith Zephyr MIMC better in some respects, not all.